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OnPrintShop version90

Version 9.0 Release Notes

We are determined towards our clients and our print software is coming with the latest updates and features. The latest update includes major and minor bug fixes and further improvements in both the user interface and experience.

Following is the summary for the scope of v9.0

Designer Studio Features

  • Interactive 3D Design Preview (Add-On Plugin) New
  • 3D Packaging Solution (Add-On Plugin) New
  • Photo Calendar Solution Enhancement New
  • Canvas Solution: Center Align Image New
  • Photo Transfer from Smartphones to Desktops New
  • Enhancement of Upload Center Designer Studio Proof
  • Clipart: Support color gradient New
  • Text Property Enhancement (Justify, Capitalization etc…)
  • Canvas artwork fill enahancement
  • Optimized Designer Studio & Calendar UI New
  • Artwork Auto Resize in Upload Center Proofing

Store/B2B Section Features

  • Store Specific Designer Studio Fonts New
  • Product & Shipping Discounts New
  • Approval Pending Order List of All Departments New
  • Proof Approved Email Notification to Customers
  • Auto-Create Store Customer New

Product Section Features

  • Formula Master in Product Options New
  • Create multiple Designer Rules
  • Product(Master) Option Enhancement
  • Custom Size Enhancement New
  • Duplicate ‘Product Page Layout’ with product New

Admin Section Features

  • Admin Dashboard Enhancement
  • Company Name – Easy to Update & Filter
  • Reminder Emails (Awaiting Artwork & Unpaid Order) New
  • Imposition Module Enhancement
  • Printer Order Summary & Additional Option based Report
  • Assign default User-Group to customers New
  • Customer & Shipping details in Quote estimation email

Third-Party Integration

  • Zohobooks – Accounting (Add-On Plugin) New
  • ActiveCampaign - Marketing (Add-On Plugin) New
  • Trustpilot - Customer Review New

Front Store Features

  • 2D Canvas Preview New
  • Image Gallery Enhancement
  • Products & Template Listing Sort Options New
  • Checkout Page enhancement
  • Single option displays as label in Price Calculator New
  • Yopto rating beside product heading
  • Google captcha on Guest customer form New
  • User Images – Photobook Enhancement
  • Product and CMS page-specific ‘Metatag setting’
  • Upload files in SVG format
  • Display multiple promotional messages
  • Visual Price calculator: Side-by-side layout
  • Share Personalized Designs over social media New
  • Product-level Image optimization
  • Share ‘User Portfolio’ over social media New

Solution Core Changes

  • Fixed decimal price mismatch issue
  • Flexible Integration: Any Digital Marketing
  • New API Enhancement
  • AWS File Storage Enhancement
  • Update the third party libraries
  • 100+ enhancements and multiple bug fixes

Change Log

  • Renamed Terminology
  • Front-Store Login change
  • Revamped store ‘Markup’ feature
  • Tab & Menu related changes
  • Filter related changes
  • Discarded Features

Multi-store Change Log

  • Store Settings Enhancement
  • Store-specific Content Managment
  • Moved ‘Store Localization’ tab details
  • Store Admin Login enhancement

Shipping Section Features

  • New Shipping Method – “Shipping Cost by Order Value” New

Order Section Features

  • Modify ‘User Design’ template directly from the ‘Modify Design’ pop-up
  • Coupon Import – Bulk Update/Delete New
  • Track your Order New New
  • Modify Order’s Product size & Job Name New
  • Bulk Update – Order & Order Product
  • Update ‘Order Processing Fee’
  • Order Due Date based on ‘Proof Approval’
  • ‘Local-pickup address’ selection in Order Update