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OnPrintShop version73

Version 7.3 Release Notes

As part of our regular release cycle soon we will be releasing v7.3 for all our SaaS-based Customers. This document highlights key points and enhancements of the same.

Following is the summary for the scope of v7.3:

Admin Section

  • Upgraded Admin Panel to Bootstrap 4 New
  • Convert Quote-to-Order in Admin Panel New
  • Multiple Package Configuration New
  • Manage Customer Email Notifications New
  • Multiple Quantity Lookup Enhancement
  • Report Enhancements
  • Payment Request Enhancement

Front Store

  • Advanced Zipcodes New
  • Product Image Gallery Enhancement
  • Secondary Email ID for Customer
  • Email Templates Redesign and Branding New
  • Organized Customer Details
  • Preview Uploaded PDF New
  • Run product search by keywords New
  • Apply Rules on ‘Extra Fields’ and ‘Form Fields’ New

Product Section

  • Split & Multiple Photo Canvas Prints (Add on) New
  • Photo Print Product Enhancement (Add on) New


  • Assign Products Department Wise (Standard Products)
  • Customer Name Added With Shipping Address

Designer Studio

  • Apply Background to All Pages New
  • Soft Deletion of Image New
  • Advance Editing Option for Mobile

Third-Party Integrations

  • WhatsApp Business API New
  • Stamped.io (Review System) New

Solution Core Changes

  • Optimized Price Calculator
  • Optimized Shopping Cart & Checkout Pages
  • Image Storage Optimization
  • Upgraded all CSS and JavaScript
  • Fabric.js JavaScript Canvas Library Update
  • Server Upgrade