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OnPrintShop version72

Version 7.2 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce that our Print Software – OnPrintShop will get some of the major updates in the v7.2 release. The latest update includes major and minor bug fixes and a further improvement in both user interface and experience.

Some of the major updates in v7.2 are listed below:

Product Module

  • Introducing Canvas Product (Add-on) New
  • Kit Product Enhancements
  • Image Gallery for Additional Options
  • ‘Add to Cart' Product (at category landing page) New
  • Additional Option’s Attributes In a Single Row
  • Export Specific Product Sample File
  • Starting-Price (of product) Feature New
  • Show Only Selected Pages in Designer Studio

Admin Section

  • Easy Navigation Between Store & Super Admin Login New
  • Import Language Text Reference for Studio and Admin constants
  • Report Enhancements
  • View All Logs in Admin Panel New
  • Advanced Validation for Dynamic Form Fields & Extra Fields
  • Deactivate Customer Account New

Shipping Module

  • User Group-Wise Shipping Method
  • Flatship Shipping Method Integration New
  • Third-Party (Shipment) Billing New
  • Package Master, Package Weight and Bulk Package Import New

Designer Studio

  • Regional Language Font Support
  • Mobile-friendly Theme For Mobile Users New
  • Reuse Saved Events and Occasions in Calendar
  • Curved Text Along a Path New
  • Cutmark and Crop Mark Logic Improvision
  • Preview Without Cut Margin New

Front Store

  • Add Items in Shopping Cart without Login
  • Marketing Landing Page with Dynamic Inquiry Form New
  • Style Header Links Containing Sub-Menu

Order Module

  • Provision to Add Negative Discount New
  • Order Transfer over Google Drive, S3 Server and Dropbox New
  • Offline Order Enhancements

Third-Party Integrations

  • Adobe Stock
  • PressWise