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OnPrintShop version71

Version 7.1 Release Notes

At OnPrintShop, we have continuously stayed up to date with the latest technological trends and updates. With every update, we make sure our clients’ business growth is not hindered by technology, they get the best services, and may their business prosper in every possible way. We are happy to announce that our Print Software will get some of the major updates in its upcoming version 7.1.

Some of the major updates in v7.1 are listed below:


  • Level-Wise Store Order Approval New
  • Store Wise Configuration Setting
  • Multiple Store with Same Email ID New
  • Navigation & Help Enhancement
  • Online Payment for Store Users for Pay On Account
  • Store Address Sync with Template Personalization

Shipping Module

  • Enhanced Shipping Method Presentation
  • Order Shipment Section Enhancement New
  • In-store/Local pickup setup geography-based
  • Provision to know the Shipping Cost Before Approving the Quote
  • Provision to add Rule on Shipping Cost
  • Blind Shipment Feature New

Order Module

  • Easily Import New Orders (Add on) New
  • Unique Identification of Invoice
  • Reorder Offline & Quote Order New
  • Custom Page Name for the Additional Print File
  • Enhancement in ‘Bulk Order Update’ Process
  • Customer Notification Control
  • Order’s Downloaded ZIP File Name Enhanced

Admin Section

  • Branch Management Enhancement New
  • Bulk Import for ‘Language Text Reference’
  • Feature to Customize the Layout of ‘Predefined Products’
  • Template and Product Level - Additional Fields for Production
  • Provide Reward Points based on Customer New
  • Improved performance of Store Dropdown

Designer Studio

  • Designer Studio Enhancement
  • The Quick Side Navigation Bar New
  • Preview of Design with Cut Margin Area
  • Photobook - Spine Feature (Add-on) New
  • Change Template/Theme from Designer Studio
  • Calendar - Custom Position of Month Layout (Add-on)
  • Custom Art Maker (Add-on)New
  • Facility to 'Repeat Background' New
  • Upload Center Proof Tool Enhancement
  • Proofing Tool Enhancements (Add-on)
  • Provision to convert SVG to Clipart at Front side New
  • Navigation enhancement in Admin Templates section
  • Calendar Layout Enhancement (Add-on)

Product Section

  • Price Calculator UI Enhancement
  • Provision to Select Measurement Unit for Custom Size Product
  • Manage Stock of Products with Multiple Size New
  • Product SKU, Product Weight and Production Days - Enhancement


  • Coupon/Discount Module enhancement
  • Auto-suggestion in Address field New
  • Site-Image OptimizationNew

Solution Core Changes

  • CDN Implementation
  • Domain-Specific Website Redirection New
  • Server Upgrade
  • Remove Content Backup from Admin
  • Live Chat Enhancement
  • Bug Fixes
  • Other Minor Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Quote Module

  • Upload Cloud File for Quote New
  • Partial Quote Approval

Third-Party Integrations

  • Klaviyo Integration New
  • Facebook Pixel IntegrationNew