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Newsletter Subscribers

Newsletter Subscribers

Newsletter is a periodically issued bulletin. If you offer a newsletter to your customers then, they can subscribe for the same from while signing up into the web store.

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They can simply check the box and the system adds their email id in the newsletter subscriber's list.

Enable/disable the Newsletter option

  • Go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Settings
  • In the Site Setting search 'Newsletter'
  • NewsletterSubscription60.png

  • In the 'Enable Newsletter Subscriber Option?' Click on yes or no.
  • Accordingly, a Newsletter checkbox is displayed at the web store.

Newsletter Subscribers Dashboard

At a glance, you can check the list of Newsletter subscribers of your website. As already discussed your customer gets the option to subscribe for the newsletter at the time of sign up.

Admin can also remove subscribers from this section. All the unsubscribed email ids are listed under the Unsubscribers tab.


How to add Newsletters Block in Webstore?

For the customers who have missed to subscribe to your newsletter while signing, we have given a Newsletter Subscriber block. You can anytime add a subscribers block into your website from - Admin >> Store Personalization >> Sidebar Management >> Sidebar Widget


You can choose, when to display the subscribers block i.e. before login, after login, always, or on User Account Pages. With all the options available you can easily customize the block positioning as your your needs.

Import Subscribers

Using an excel sheet you can add bulk subscribers into your web store.

  • Using the 'Download File' button download the sample excel file.
  • Fill in the details of your new subscribers.
  • After filling data into the file, upload it into the system using the 'Upload File' button.
  • In the 'subscribe' column of CSV file, fill 0 for Unsubscribe and 1 for Subscribe.
  • Then click on 'Import'.
  • The System will import all the valid data and ignore others by showing the error message.


Action Menu

Admin > Customer > Newsletter Subscribers > Action dropdown

Delete: Removes the selected subscriber from the newsletter subscribers' list. This will not affect the other details of the customer such as orders, templates, quotes, etc.

Using the same option, you can delete a customer from the Unsubscriber's list.