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Multiple Split Canvas Introduction


We have extended the canvas product feature to Multiple and Split Canvas. Admin can now configure 3 different types of canvas from the system and offer as products to their customer.

The current system only allows you to add a single wall canvas product, the new version of the software will allow you to add the following canvas product types –

  • Single Photo Canvas
  • Multiple Photo(s) Canvas
  • Split Photo Canvas

Single Photo Canvas – In these types of canvases, a single picture is stretched into a frame. Canvas is most widely used as interior décor and customized with photographs. Know more.


Multiple Photo Canvas – In these types of canvases, a set of multiple art pieces with different photos is set on wall canvas.

MultiplePhoto2.png    MultiplePhoto5.png

Split Photo Canvas – The split canvas has multiple art pieces but only a single photo is spread(laid) over all the art pieces.

SplitPhoto4.png    SplitPhoto6.png