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Multi Store Introduction


Why create multiple logins when you can manage your multiple stores from a Single Admin Panel? OnPrintShop multi-store gives you a platform to manage and run different-different shopping stores from a single Admin Panel.

Why multi-logins when you can manage your stores from a single Admin Panel. With multi-store Admin can manage their multiple stores from a single login. Instead of logging into several accounts, they can simply log in to one account and set anything they want for their stores.

OnPrintShop’s multistore is one package for website management with a backend admin panel to manage inventory, order, product, invoicing, and so on. With our multi-store run, your business properly & smoothly enjoys several interesting features, create a user and store account and easily control the total business and multiple stores as well.

To understand more learn about the OnPrintShop’s multistore cart features –

  • Easily switch between stores – One of the main motives of multistore is to reduce the number of logins for Admin. With multistore Admin can easily switch between stores, one store to another by just using a dropdown.
  • Easily to navigate between storefronts – Along with an easy switch between stores you can easily navigate between storefronts. With just one click you can reach the storefronts without terminating the login sessions.
  • Simple Checkouts – A multi-store where checkout is very easy and user-friendly.
  • Unique Store URLs – For every sub store you can create user-friendly subdomains for better marketing. Get different URLs and better SEO and SERP results by using different keyword sets for each sub store.
  • Store Specific Catalogue – You can also create a store-specific product catalog, allot different products to them and offer to your different customer segments.
  • Store Specific Discounts and Coupons – As you can run several stores at once, you’ll get the chance to offer store-specific discounts and coupons. This will attract more customers to each store, and create a profitable deal for all your stores. Track and create diverse discounts, unlimited coupons, create flash sales, and much more.
  • Different Payment Gateways – With multistore, you can not only run multiple stores at once but offer different payment methods to your customers.
  • Store Specific Language and Currency – For every store, you can setup exclusive language and currency based on the preference of your target audience. For example, you can have two different storefronts for India and the US having INR and USD as default currency respectively.
  • Store Specific Shipping Method – Offer different shipping types on your multi-store websites and optimize the shipping costs. This will give you the advantage of offering faster and discounted services based on geolocation to gain popularity as the local bestseller.
  • Store Specific Design and Themes – Attract and convert more customers by using unique designs and themes for your multi-store. This will create a different look and feel for your multi-store e-commerce storefronts.