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Multi Store Dashboard

Multi-Store Dashboard

The multistore dashboard looks similar to your single store dashboard, the only addition we have given is a multi-store list dropdown at every page. This will help you switch between the stores and reduce the number of logins for minor changes.

Store drop-down is provided for filter purposes on the screen for which the system allows to add store-specific data but not for each page.

For the front store navigation, you’ll find a dropdown which will redirect you to the respective front stores.


On the dashboard, we have added a store name tag along with every order detail, customer detail, etc. This will help you bifurcate and analyze every store detail.


At every page such as orders section, quote section, customer page, dd template section, content management section (add content page section, add FAQs, testimonial, banners), store personalization section (add page layouts, language text reference pages, header & footer, sidebar, themes), SEO section and store configuration section, Admin will see a dropdown where they can switch between the stores and do the changes for the respective store.