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Manage Web Storage

Manage Web Storage

Admin > Store Configuration > Manage Web Storage

View storage statistics, manage web storage and delete your web store’s data stored using the Manage Web Storage option.


This section allows managing your website’s data, which includes total disk usage, deletion of stored data, moving files to cloud storage, and managing web storage either by deleting cache/temp files or by optimizing the website images.

The Manage Web Storage section is divided into three sub-sections as discussed -

Storage Statistics

Get real-time data of total disk usage under the storage setting section. The data usage is divided into several main folders, which gives a precise idea to the admin of its storage usage.

Manage Web Storage

The Manage Web Storage section holds two buttons – Confirm Delete and Optimize Image

  • Confirm Delete - this option will delete Cache or Temp Data. It will also delete all user templates, images, and cache.
  • Optimize Image - this option will optimize Product Images, Product Category Images, and Banners. The images will be resized automatically as per common width and height. Image optimization will decrease the load time of your website and reduce website abandonment.

Common Image Max Width: 250

Common Image Max Height: 250

Banner images will be resize with width and height: 2000px

Delete/Move Storage Space

Apart from deleting cache, admin can delete website data i.e. he can clear storage space, which is no longer in use. This data may include orders, portfolios, images, etc. in time duration ranging from two months to two years.

Look at how to delete data based on different criteria-

User Type – select the user type of whom you want to delete the data. The option selected can be Default Stores, All Stores, Any Specific Store, or six months before logged in user.


Select Time Period – Select the period of which you are willing to delete the data. The selection can be Two Months Before, Three Months Before, Six Months Before, One Year Before or Two Year Before.

  • Two Months before - All the data before dating two months back will be deleted i.e. two months before today's date.
  • Three Months Before - All the data before dating three months back will be deleted i.e. three months before today's date.
  • Six Months Before - All the data before dating six months back will be deleted i.e. six months before today's date.
  • One Year Before - All the data before dating one year back will be deleted i.e. one year before today's date.
  • Two Years Before - All the data before dating two year back will be deleted i.e. two year before today's date.


Delete For – Select the user folder that you want to delete permanently from your website storage.


The ‘DELETE FOR’ option has three sub-options.

  • Orders: This will delete only ordered Print Ready Files and the database record will remain as it is. Users cannot reorder the deleted Print Ready Files but can view them.
  • Portfolio: This will delete all the user-created designs i.e. user portfolio from their account and forbid them from accessing the files.
  • Images: This will delete user images that one might have uploaded from various means such as Facebook or Google Photos. The images will be deleted from their account permanently and they would need to re-upload in case they want to use the photos again.
  • Quotes: This will be helpful to clear the unnecessary storage space occupied by Quotes.

Depending on the option Admin chooses to delete, the admin will get additional options to choose.

  • Orders: In orders, there are options to delete either Normal Orders, Archive Orders, or Unpaid Orders. Also, select the Product Type that you want to delete.
  • Portfolio: In the portfolio, select portfolio design types like the Uploaded Design or the Studio Design and Product Type.
  • User Images: In user images, select which image to delete i.e. User Image or Admin Image or both.

All the above options stated above will permanently delete the website data without any chance of recovery.

Thus, rather than deleting data you can move your website data on the cloud. Specifically, the Orders Data, which you might not want to lose access to, you, have an option to move the Order Data to Cloud Storage from where you can access them later.

To get this configured perfectly, you need to subscribe either of the cloud storage services like Amazon Web Services, Dropbox Cloud or Google Drive. It will be advisable to configure at least one service, as cloud storage will save you from losing or deleting several gigabytes of data.

Configure the Cloud Storage service from the below path:

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Cloud Storage TAB