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Manage URL Redirection

Manage URL Redirection

Admin >> SEO >> Manage URL Redirection

This section will help you re-route your website visitors to the new web pages if the old URLs are no longer useful or moved to a new directory. If the redirection is defined using this section then it will be given priority over any system-generated default redirection. You can forward your domain name to any website, web page, etc.

Based on the status codes defined by HTTP, URL forwarding may be of two types - 301 (permanent), 302 (temporary)

Add URL Redirection

Admin >> SEO >> Manage URL Redirection >> Add URL Redirection (Top Right Link)

If any of the URLs are moved to a new address or are temporarily down, then you can easily assign those URLs to a new address.

Just enter the old URL and the New URL. Select the header status to add a URL redirection.

  • 301 Moved Permanently – This is a permanent redirection of URL which passes between 90-99% of ranking power to the new URL.
  • 302 URL Found, temporary redirect – This is useful when the URL is down for maintenance and is moved temporarily.


URL Redirection While Deleting Records

To avoid your website from getting the 404 Page not found an error. Especially for the pages that are SEO friendly and well ranked, we have given a URL redirection option. This option appears when you try to delete any Product Category, Product category group, or any CMS Page (example given below).


While deleting any of these pages, you’ll get the option to set URL redirection. URL redirection is considered important for the records you are about to delete, because of the SEO purpose. Since it is difficult for the search engines to keep a track of deleted URLs unless you upload a sitemap of your website.

Import URL Redirection

Admin >> SEO >> Manage URL Redirection >> Import (Top Right Corner)


If your website is undergoing some major changes and you will have to provide URL redirection to multiple links. In this situation, you can easily use the Import URL Redirection feature. Thus, instead of updating each link individually, you can import all the URLs at once.

In the first step download the sample file.

In the second step fill up the excel file using the help provided in the Admin Panel.

Click on the Upload File button to select the file that you have updated. The system will validate the data and show you the correct and skipped records.

To import data in the system click on the Import button and the URL Redirections will be imported into the system.