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Manage Stock

How to Manage Stock?

Stock Management for Single Product

Manage your stock for specific printing products like apparels, Mugs, CDs, stationary, Caps. Manage stock according to Size and Size with product option.

  • Action Menu: Action dropdown of different product sizes.
    • Manage Stock: Add/Credit or Remove/Debit stock. This section gives a provision to the Admin such that they can add or debit stock manually. You can add the inventory from this section.
      The stock is automatically debited when an order is placed, but in case of offline orders, there is also a provision to debit stock from the inventory.
    • History: This displays the credit and debit summary of a particular product.
  • History Button: This displays an overview of total stock credited, debited, and remaining stock, with a summary of stocks according to all product sizes.


    • Total Credited Stock: Total stock credited for this product.
    • Total Debited Stock: Total stock debited by the customer i.e. the quantity of the order placed. It shows data of both online and offline if the Admin has correctly entered the data of Offline Orders.
    • Total Remaining Stock: Thus is the result of credited stock minus the debited stock.
    • Export Stock History: This creates an excel file of all the stock debited and credit action.
  • Stock Settings
    • Notify me when the stock reached at: This helps you get a reminder when the product stock reached a certain level.
      This will reduce down your extra effort in tracking down every day credited and debited stock. The system will give a reminder when stock touches a level set by the Admin.
    • StockManagementUpdate119.png

    • Allow Order if the product is out of stock? : Keep the status on if you want to receive orders after the product’s stock gets exhausted.
  • Import Stock
    Import stock for all the product sizes with product options at once through an XLS/CSV file.


    • Download File: Rather than creating your own excel file, the system creates a file with all the column fields. To download the file select the Stock Type and choose the products.
    • Note: The Select Product will list down all the products for which the Stock Management is enabled.
    • Fill the data: Follow the instruction given in the ‘Fill up Data & Help’ section to fill correctly all the records. Records highlighted in Red color are mandatory.
    • Upload File: Save and upload the excel file. Upload only Excel File, only correct information is uploaded into the system from the file.
  • Stock Management for All Products

    Admin > Products > Products > Manage Stock (Top Right Link)

    This section helps you check the overall stock of all the products of the system. Click to view the stock, stock history, and download stock history, etc.



    The history button at the top right corner shows a pop-up with all the products stock history. Here, Admin can filter the stock data for a specific time span.


    Import Stock

    Instead of crediting and debiting stock for each product you can import an excel file for the same.

    Step – 1

    Download the Stock import file: Select the Stock type and product to download the file.


    Step – 2

    Fill Stock details: Fill up the stock details into the excel file with the relevant information. Refer to Fill up Data & Help section to correctly fill in the data.

    Step – 3

    Import File: Select the file and upload it into the system. After a successful upload, the system will verify the records for each column and import the data.