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Manage Form Fields

Manage Form Fields

Admin > Store Configuration > Manage Form Fields

Create different form fields for different forms available in the system such as – Quote Form, Hire a Designer Form or Template Specific form. These forms serve a specific purpose and are displayed in several different instances.

The form field dashboard lists all the fields created for these three instances. You can run a search query using the filters provided such as field type.


Add a Form Field

Admin > Store Configuration > Manage Form Fields > Add New Field (Top Right Link)

You can add multiple form fields in different categories such as Hire Designer, Template Form or Quote Form. Enter an appropriate name for the Form Field as it is the customer-facing label that appears to the left of that field on the storefront.

Simply fill the details and add a field. While creating the field, you can add a new description (a brief explanation) in the form of text, image or video from the editor window in the description option. Using the sort option, you can sequence the fields in the form.

Below is the description of some important fields:

  • Form Field Type – This is where you define where the form field should appear. Based on the selection of this field the ‘Product Specific Attribute’ will change.


  • Display description in popup – If enabled then the description of the field will appear as a pop-up under a question mark icon. (Refer to below image)


  • Type– This defines the input type of the Form Field. There are various input type options available, using this you can create input fields according to your requirements. The type of form fields available are explained below –
    • Text box – created for inputting a single line of data, such as
    • Radio Buttons — creates a multiple-choice option presenting all the values (user can select only one option).
    • Drop Down – created a multiple-choice option that presents value in a drop-down. This option can be used in a more condensed list featuring several values, giving a more clean and sleek design.
    • Text Area – this is a multiline text field created for inputting multiple lines of data, such as ‘Special Instructions’.
    • Checkboxes — create multiple fields where users can select multiple inputs.
    • Upload File -
    • Multiline Text Field — creates a text field for inputting multiple lines of data, such as Delivery Details.
    • Upload File – This input option can be used for the image fields.
    • Date picker – This input field can be useful for any date field, such as Date of Joining for Store Customers.


  • Validation – This will help you validate the input type for correctness. You can keep any field null or apply different types of validations.
    • You can also provide custom validation into Textbox type form field created.
    • This will help you in defining advanced validation to the dynamic form fields and the extra fields like allowing an only specific count of characters – only 10 digits for a contact number, allowing only numeric values or alphanumeric values, lowercase letters, uppercase letters to name a few.
    • Use the validation option named – ‘Other’ for the Textbox Fields. Here, Admin is free to enter any Regular Expression and create their custom validation. Using the help provided, create any regular expression and the system will validate the input (provided from the front end) as per the expression added.
    • If the value does not match with the regular expression then an error will be displayed. This error message is defined by the Admin from the ‘Validation Message’ textbox.


  • Attributes – For Radio Button, Drop-Down and Check-box enter various options from which a user will select the desired option. Set a default attribute and enable or disable their status setting.  

Form Field Rules

With this feature, you can apply rules on fields and handle your dependent fields effectively on the Front-Store.

Sometimes, it so happens that certain dependent fields are to be shown/hidden based on customer’s selection. This scenario can be efficiently handled with this feature. Click on the 'Form Field Rules' to create rules.

  • This will open a screen listin all the Form Field Rules created. Click on +Add to add a new rule.
  • V7379.png

  • Here, you can select the fields to be made hidden on the selection of certain fields.