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Mailchimp Ecommerce Integration

Mailchimp ECommerce Integration

With Mailchimp Ecommerce seamlessly integrates your OnPrintShop e-commerce platform or point-of-sale system so you can add products in one click, target campaigns based on purchase history, and learn more about what’s driving sales.

Read below a systematic guide to integrate Mailchimp Ecommerce and Mailchimp Abandon Cart Email with your OnPrintShop website.

Step – 1 Registration with Mailchimp

Get started to Mailchimp with a free account at https://login.mailchimp.com/signup/

If you already have an account then login to Mailchimp with your Username and Password.

  • Activate your Mailchimp account by verifying your Mail ID.
  • Complete further login steps by filling in basic business details.


Step – 2 Get the API Key and Audience ID

For Mailchimp eCommerce integration the next thing to do is get the API Key. To get the API key go to your Account >> Profile.

Mailchimp Ecommerce Integration9.png

Under the Extras, tab click on API Keys.

Mailchimp Ecommerce Integration8.png

Scroll down into the screen to get the API Key. Copy and save the API Key from here.

Mailchimp Ecommerce Integration7.png

To get the Audience ID to go to Audience >> All Contacts

Mailchimp Ecommerce Integration6.png

On the Audience dashboard under Settings select ‘Audience name and defaults’

Mailchimp Ecommerce Integration5.png

This integration requires AudienceID and this is the section where you’ll find the same. Copy and save it.

Mailchimp Ecommerce Integration4.png

Step – 3 Integration in to Admin Panel

In this step, you will now require to integrate the API Key and Audience ID into the Admin Panel.

Go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> External Service Setting >> Others tab >> Mailchimp Ecommerce Automation

Mailchimp Ecommerce Integration3.png

Here, enter the API key and the Audience ID. Enter the eCommerce store name and click on the save button.

Mailchimp Ecommerce Integration2.png

Clicking on the save button will give you an option where you can enable Customer Automation, Order Automation, Cart Automation, and Debug Mode.


Note: Once we configure this setting only after that customer and order will sync in Mailchimp.

Customer Automation – Select the user type for which you want to sync data in mail Chimp All Default Stores or All Stores or specific store.

Exclude User Group – Select the user group whose data should not be synced with Mailchimp System.

Order Automation – Check YES if you want to sync Order details for the selected user type. We recommend you enable this feature to enable the system to sync users and orders at the same time together which reduces the chances of any discrepancy.

Cart Automation – When customers leave items in their shopping cart, encourage them to complete their purchase with a custom email that includes product links or special offers. Check YES if you want to sync user cart details for the selected user type.

Note: If in Customer Notification Automation user type is not selected then the configurations made for Order and Cart Notification Automation will not work.

Step – 4 Abandon Cart Email Automation

Abandon cart email and email series is an astounding feature of Mailchimp. After you enable the Cart Automation from the previous step you’ll now need to create email templates for the same.

When a customer puts an item in their shopping cart but doesn’t buy it, you may want to follow up to remind them what they left behind. After you set up an abandoned cart email, we'll automatically send a sequence of emails to encourage your customers to come back and complete their purchase.

To learn how to send a single follow-up email to customers who abandoned a shopping cart, check out Create an Abandoned Cart Email.

At later stages, you can even create a series for it. This will allow you to send automatically a series of emails at a given period to the Customers who leave items in their shopping cart.

To learn how to create an abandoned cart follow-up email series check out Create an Abandoned Cart Series.

Step – 5 Order Automation Email

Mailchimp's automation feature helps you streamline your communications and makes sure your contacts get the right emails at the right time. Choose from pre-set automation with defined triggers and timelines, or fully customize your messages.

To create automation check out How to Create an Automation.