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Live Chat Integration

Live Chat Support Integration

Customer will spend more time at your store if it has a superior customer service system. Thus, to interact with customers Live Chat has become an important and integral part of any business. This helps you get real-time and prompt responses from the customers.


Live chat integration will give your OnPrintShop web stores’ customer timely response and encourage them to complete the purchase. To enable live chat feature into your web store follow the below steps-

Step - 1 Go To Chat Service Provider

To enable Live Chat service in your website the reach out to any of the Live Chat service providers. They offer different pricing plans and service. Check if their offerings meet your requirements.

Some of the examples of Live Chat service provides are

Step – 2 Get the Code from Chat Service Provider

After registration, the Live Chat service provider will give you a code to install the live chat functionality into your website.

Copy and save securely the code.

Step – 3 Configuration into Admin Panel

To enable the live chat function, you will require pasting the code in Admin Panel.

  • On the Admin Panel, go to- Admin > External Service Settings > ‘Social Sharing’ Tab > Google Services > ‘Action’ Menu > ‘Edit’ Option
    • Livechat2.png

      • Under the Settings, sections find ‘Common Footer Script Code’ text block.
      • Paste the saved code from Live Chat service provider.
      • This will enable the Live Chat services on your website.


      In case of query please contact the OnPrintShop support team at support@onprintshop.com