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Links - Header-Footer

Links - Header and Footer

This section helps you to add various links to your website. In the OPS system, you can add links to your website’s menu such as Header, Footer, Top Header, and Sidebar.

All the link positions or Menu (Header, Footer, Top Header, and Sidebar), hold different significance and usage according to the website design and functionalities.

At-a-glance, you can review and evaluate all the link titles and their defined position on the storefront. The status toggle will affect the link display, thus, make sure you enable/disable links with correct regard.

Using Filter by Store dropdown on the top left, check the links Store-wise. The system, by default displays all the Master Links, you can use the Filter feature to sort and search various links.


Add a New Link

Using the +Add button, you can easily add a Menu Link. Simply fill in the necessary details and instantly create a new link. This form will help you customize and personalize your header and footer, giving it a more trustworthy feel.


Position – These are the website’s menus. You can easily select the position you want to give to your new link. Every menu has its significance and business uses, according to your website design plan select the position and place the link.

Link – This is the link name, which appears on the address bar of the browser. It is beneficial to write an SEO friendly name for the link rather than keeping the system generated random link name.

Link Icon – This icon appears on the title bar of the browser along with the link name. This develops a sense of authentication and trust towards the link. You can either choose from 400+ pre-configured icons or upload your icon file.

All Links – In this dropdown, we have provided a list of various website pages. According to your necessities and designs, you can select the pages to display. Based on this selection, the next dropdown list will show the pages under that section. These fields will differ based on your selection in the first dropdown.


Some of the important fields are –

  • List of all Products (as sub-menu): Using this you can add a list of all products link into your menus. This will give your customers a clear and concise view of all the products available on your website. You can represent the products list in a form of Sub Menu or Megamenu, as aspired by your website’s plan.
  • Login form as popup: If your website requires your customers to the first login and then proceed further with the tasks, then you can use this option and create a pop-up of the login form.
  • My Account (as submenu): It will be a plus for your customers if they can find all their account activities options under a separate segment. For this, you can create a link which will display all their ‘My Account’ option
  • HTML Content: The new link you create will get displayed as a popup with default text. The process to change default text is explained under the Content Management module.
  • External Link: If you want an option that redirects to a completely new page or a web link, then simply add the URL in the box given.
  • Category: The new link created will show the drop-down of all the products of the selected category at a storefront.

Submenu Link Style- You can style the Header Links containing submenu such as – Product Category List, All Product List, etc. Various sub-menu style available are -

  • On Click – The sub-menu will open on a mouse click.
  • Hover – The sub-menu will expand on the mouse hover on the link.
  • Hover & Redirection – The sub-menu will expand on mouse hover and on mouse click customer will be redirected to the assigned landing page.
  • Note – The submenu link style will work differently for mobile devices as well as the websites. Read the help provided for better guidance.

    Display – According to your business needs, you can choose to display the links before or after the customer’s login session starts. For example – the ‘My Account’ links are displayed after customers start their login session whereas the Offers and Discounts can be displayed before the beginning of a login session.