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Language Text References

Language Text References

Admin >> Store Personalization >> Language Text References

Interface to manage text for labels, buttons, and fixed sections across your storefront. Search Textline has a dropdown list of all the modules. Select the one for which you want to change the text. Moreover, you can Search by Keyword to quickly find what you are looking for.

You can set store-specific language text reference from the interface just by selecting the store from the store dropdown and modifying the text for the store and saving the changes.

You will be able to edit and delete the language text reference changes done by you. once you delete the change the store customers will be able to view the default text in the storefront. Your store customers can do the same from their admin panel as well.

Text lines are pre-configured in English. If you have multiple languages enabled, you need to manually enter the translated text line for other languages.

Bulk Import Language Text Reference

This will help you quickly upload language text references for multiple website languages.


  • Admin can now find the feature on the path Store Personalization >> Language Text Reference >> 'Import Language Text Reference' button (top left corner)
  • Using 3-Step Feature, Admin can easily fill and upload the excel file.
  • Admin can also download the Sample File from the system using the filter of Group Pages and Language.


Group Pages - This displays all the pages’ group that is possible on your website, helping you to bifurcate the data section-wise.


Select Language - This option will list all the languages that you have enabled for your website. You can easily choose one language and input data accordingly into the excel sheet.