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ipstack integration

IP Stack offers a powerful, real-time IP to geolocation API capable of looking up accurate location data. With the ipstack API integration, your website will be able to locate visitors and adjust their user experience accordingly based on the configuration.

Follow the schematic guideline given below to integrate your OnPrintShop website with IP Stack.

Step – 1 Sign up to ipstack & Get API details

  • Go to https://ipstack.com/.
  • Click on the Sign up free or Get Free API Key buttons from the website main page. It will take you to the Pricing page.
  • On the Pricing page, click on the Get Free API Key button from the Free plan:
  • PricingPage.png

  • On the next page, complete your sign-up process.
  • Once signed up, you will be directed to the ipstack Control Panel:
  • APIKey.png

  • Copy the API Access Key and keep it in a safe and secure place for future use.

Step – 2 Configuration into OnPrintShop Admin Panel

  • At the OnPrintShop Admin Panel go to, Store Configuration >> External Service Settings >> Others tab >> Auto Currency Language >> Edit:
  • ConfigurationintoOnPrintShop.png

  • Select the Service Name as IPSTACK. (By default, IPSTACK service will be selected)
  • Enter the saved Access API Key saved in the previous step.
  • Configure the countries and their respective Language and currency that will be reflected on the website once any user from the configured country accesses the OnPrintShop website.
  • In case any customer visits website from a country which you have not configured in the above screen then, the system will refer to the language and currency set as default at Store Configuration > Languages.
  • When done click on Save.