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Manage Inventory

Admin >> Store Management >> 'Action' Dropdown >> 'Inventory' Option

Manage Inventory option will allow store customers to place orders with large printing quantity when they don't want all printing quantities to be shipped at one time. Thus, this interface will allow Admin to manage and store finished goods until the time of delivery in a more systematic way.

This interface will basically keep a record of orders whose production process is complete. Below is the description of important fields:

  • Min Print Quantity: Minimum require quantity to place an order time such that the inventory option is made available.
  • Min Ship Quantity: Minimum require quantity for a shipment request.
  • Cost Per Print Unit: One-time inventory storage charges, applicable while ordering the product.
  • Shipment Handling Cost: Charges will be applicable for each shipment request. Keep it blank for no charge(s).
  • Storage Days: Maximum days for allowed to make shipment request. Keep it blank for no limit.

Changes made in this section will have an effect on the storefront. Inventory option will be automatically enabled once inventory is set up for any product. Once an inventory order is placed successfully, the customer can raise shipment requests for the remaining quantity until inventory gets finished in a fixed time period.


If Admin manages inventory for a product, then while placing an order Store Customer will get an option ‘Inventory’ in the Product Additional Info page. The page will describe how Customer can manage their inventory and make shipment requests.

The system will also display the Minimum Shipment Quantity (refer to below image), giving an idea to the customers about the quantity they should minimum request to ship while making a request for Shipments.