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Import Products

How to Import Bulk Products into the Web Store?

Admin > Products > Products > Import Products (Top Right Link)

Instead of uploading a single product at a time, OnPrintShop system allows you to mass upload products using an excel sheet. This will reduce down your labor required in uploading one product at a time.

Mass upload product details, pricing, and additional options. Simply follow the below steps to successfully import products into your store.


  • Step – 1 Download Sample File

    Download the sample file and fill in the details in the sequence of the tab. Keep in mind the following points while filling in the details in the excel sheet.

    You also get the provision to select a product and download the sample data with real-time product information for reference. You can download sample data of an existing product and easily fill the rest of the sheet, thus saving a hefty amount of time.

    Select Product - This dropdown allows you to choose a product to download sample data for reference. At a time you can choose one product and download the sample file.

    • Do not delete or interchange any column.
    • Do not change the title of the column.
    • Columns with title in ‘yellow’ are mandatory to fill.
    • For any help in the column titles, look at the Step – 2 for guidance.
    • Before filling data in the Excel file make sure that you have, the same measurement unit set in your Admin Panel. Check the unit from –
    • Admin > Store Configuration > Settings > Search with “Size” > Select from dropdown list for 'Measurement Unit for Product Size'

    • If there are multiple price options for a product then drag the product name until you get all the options in the corresponding row cells. For example, if your business card product has 5 different size options then drag business card in next 4 more cells and add the remaining option.
  • Step – 2 Fill Up Data & Help

    Here, each column of excel sheet is explained such that it becomes easy for the Admin to fill in the data.

  • Step – 3 Upload File

    This section only accepts files only in .xls format. Make sure the data is filled correctly before you upload the file.

  • Step – 4 Map Database Field

    The system maps the data of the excel file. You can also check all the details entered into the excel sheet.

  • Step – 5 Imported Data Summary

    If all the data entered is correct then the system will upload all the product details and other information.