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Image Categories

Image Categories

Admin > Designer Studio > Image Categories

This section allows you to add and manage categories with up to 3 tiers – super-category, category and sub-category. Images you add from the Images section will display in your online designer studio as per the categorization you set here. You can choose to assign a category to default store customers, store customers or both. Under Parent Category column, you can identify category levels as Super Category - Category - Sub Categories

Image Categories1.png

Action Menu

Admin > Designer Studio > Image Categories > Action dropdown

Add Super Category: Super Category is the top-most level in image categorization. Simply fill in the details and click submit.

Add Sub Category: Sub Category is the last level of image categorization. Simply fill in the details and click submit to create a sub-category.

Image Categories3.png

Edit: Quick link to modify the details of any existing image Super Category, Category or Sub Category.

Delete: 2-step confirmation to permanently delete the selected image category. This link will not show for categories that either has images assigned to them or are assigned sub-categories. To delete such a category, you need to first delete the images and categories, and then delete it.

Add Category

Admin > Designer Studio > Image Categories > Add Category (Top Right Link)

When you add an image category, it will fall under the primary level (Category) by default. You can choose to whom this category will be displayed - default store or store customers or both. When you select only store, you can further tick for which store customers and their departments this image category should be made visible.

Image Categories2.png

You can assign an image category to 'Admin only'. If you keep the status ‘Admin Only’ for a particular image category, then the images in that category will be displayed to Admin only and won’t be available to use for the storefront users.

If you have multiple languages enabled, you need to manually enter the translated image category name.