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Front Store Module72

Front Store Enhancement

Add Items in Shopping Cart without Login

Earlier, a customer was forced to log in to the website before adding items into the cart. The login form used to pop-up at the Product Additional Options page.

Now we have made the system more flexible by allowing customers to add the product into the shopping cart without starting a login session. 

  • A customer will be asked to login only if they click on ‘Continue’ from the Shopping Cart.
  • However, customers will notbe able to see user templates in the portfolio until and unless they start a login session.

Marketing Landing Page with Dynamic Inquiry Form

We have created a few landing pages to serve the sole purpose of marketing and advertising campaigns. These pages come in a scenario when visitors click on the link in an email campaign, ads from Search Engines and Social Media Sites, or similar places on the web.

Go to, Admin >> Content Management >> Contents >> Marketing Landing Pages

Landing pages encourage exploration and are designed with a focused goal called Call to Action. They help in increasing the conversation rates with less cost of acquiring a lead or sale. Thus, we have created a few landing pages that will fit into your marketing funnel – 

For every Landing Page, we have added the –

  • Dynamic Query Form
  • Contact us acknowledgment email for both Admin and Customer.
  • The landing page of the query form.
  • Source code for Admin to add any redirection link if required.


Style Header Links Containing Sub-Menu

At OnPrintShop Admin creates header links that are displayed as a sub-menu on the website. Now we have extended the feature where Admin gets to style the Header Links containing submenusuch as – Product Category List, All Product List etc.

Admin >> Store Personalization >> Links – Header / Footer >> Products >> Action Menu >> ‘Edit’

Admin can set the submenu link style from the following options available –

  • On Click – The sub-menu will open on a mouse click.
  • Hover – The sub-menu will expand on the mouse hover on the link.
  • Hover & Redirection – The sub-menu will expand on mouse hover and on mouse click customer will be redirected to the assigned landing page.


Note – The submenu link style will work differently for mobile devices as well as the websites. Read the help provided for better guidance.

Minor Enhancements

Place Quick Order Using Custom Product Calculator

We have introduced a new feature of Custom Product Calculator in the CMS Pages which will allow customers to place a Quick Order.

This will help website customers analyze the prices of all the products on a single page and place the order without navigating through the whole store to find their desired product.

  • The system allows Admin to display a price calculator for Specific Products or Specific Category or All Website Products using a Price Calculator Block into a CMS Page.
  • Admin can decide to add the type of block to be added using different syntax –
    • All Products - {% block_product_calculator|all %}
    • Product of a specific category – {% block_product_calculator|cat_1_2_3 %} (‘cat’ keyword is referred with category ids)
    • Specific Products  - {% block_product_calculator|prd_1_98_100_106_108 %} (prd’ keyword is referred for various product ids)
  • Admin can also disable the ‘Estimated Shipping Cost’ and ‘Send Estimated Cost’ section (if these blocks are enabled for the main site) from the Custom Price Calculator.
  • You can also add Product Description as well as Product Image in the Custom Product Price Calculator.

Set Block On Any CMS page

On the website you might need to add a unique block between the header, footer and main content of the CMS Pages. Moving forward we have made the system very much flexible, thus allowing you to add any block (newsletter subscriber, product, recent products, login block. etc.) in the CMS Pages.

Provision to the Customer to Set Default Currency

If your store has multiple currencies enabled then you can allow customers to set their default currency along with the default languages.

  • This currency dropdown is available in the ‘My Profile’ section of each customer. Once the customer sets a default currency, they’ll be instructed to log out (i.e. start a new session) and log in again.
  • Thus when the customer logins again they’ll see the appropriate currency automatically.


Separate Banner for Mobile Device

Wherever you go mobile devices follow, nowadays mobile has become an inevitable part of our lifestyles. Understanding the importance of Mobile Media we have added a development regarding banner display in mobile devices. Earlier there was no such feature available.

  • Following the feature, we have given an upload button in the Add Banner section where Admin can upload banner the mobile banner. (In case no image is uploaded, the normal banner only will be displayed in the mobile devices)
  • Follow the path, Admin >> Content Management >> Banners >> ‘+Add’
  • Admin can also define Mobile Banner Text as per their requirements.
  • Version7258.png

  • Admin also gets the flexibility to whether to display the banner in mobile devices or not with a simple setting available in Banner Settings. Admin >> Content Management >> Banners >> Banner Setting (top-right corner)


Share Photobook Preview

Provide the provision to your customers to share their customized photobook product preview with their friends via email.