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Front Store Enhancements90

Front Store Features

2D Canvas Preview

With our enhancement in Canvas product preview, your customers can now view the Single Canvas in 2D along with other preview options, as per the selection made. In the 2D preview, the product will appear something like this:


Here is how your customers can view the Canvas in 2D:

  • Open the Canvas product.
  • Click on the Select File button and upload the image.
  • Once the image loads in the canvas, click on the Preview button given below.
  • The Preview screen appears with the second option selected by default:
  • CanvasPreview.png

  • Select the first option from the preview list options to view it in 2D:
  • 2DPreviewCanvas.png

Share Personalized Designs over Social Media platforms

Yes, you heard it right! Your customers can now share their Portfolio (from My Account >> My Saved Designs) on different Social Media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Telegram and Facebook Messenger in addition to the existing Email sharing option. (The email sharing option will work as previously designed.)


Note: Your customers can only use the social media platforms for sharing which are available in the admin panel. If you wish to have a platform other than offered, please connect with OPS technical team, based on feasibility it will be added.

Let’s see how you can allow your customers to share their portfolios socially:

The very first thing here is to allow the option of design or portfolio sharing. You can do this by navigating to the Store Configuration >> External Service Settings >> Social Sharing tab and enabling the “Portfolio/Design Sharing”:


Select Platforms for Sharing

Once you have enabled the above option, click on the Edit icon. As soon as you click on the Edit icon, you will land on the Portfolio/Design Sharing page where you can select the Social Media platforms on which you want to allow your customers to share their designs.


Note: The WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger platforms will work on Mobile and Tablet devices only.

Generate Short Links

You can choose to generate short links for sharing your customer’s designs. For it we have used a Third-party platform – ‘Google Firebase Shortlinks’. You need to enable the “Short link generation”, specify the Web API Key and Domain URL prefix (which will be used in the shared link) and finally choose to generate a short link (4 character string) or unguessable link (17 characters string):


The short links grant a simpler UI while sharing the design, we recommend you to make use of this feature to the fullest.

Product’s Image Gallery Enhancements

In the OnPrintShop v9.0 to give you more ways to showcase your product images, we have introduced two new options in the Gallery Settings - Refer from Option and Option Combination-wise.

Refer from Option

Now, you can set your preference for displaying the product images from the Additional Options at the storefront.

When the ‘Refer from Option’ gallery type is configured, the system will refer to the Product’s Additional Option images instead of ‘Product gallery’ images.


Option Combination-wise

Configuration of images by combining different Additional Option is made possible now.

Through this option, you can define the combination of additional options and upload images for it. When your customers select the specified combination at the product price-calculator only then does the product’s gallery image change, to give them a real-time feel.

When the ‘Option Combination-wise’ option is configured, you will have the provision to define the option combination through the ‘Choose Your Option’ field as shown below:


Select the additional options you want to combine in the ‘Choose your option’ field and save the details.

Now, it is time to create the combinations of attributes and add images for the same.


Specify the required details, select the combination of attributes on which you want to change the product gallery image in the ‘Select Option’ and upload the image file for the selected attributes.

In the ‘Select Option’ drop-down under every additional option, you will find one default attribute – ‘Hide Option/Select Option’. You can utilize this option to display certain gallery images when you have marked an additional option as required (as when an additional option is marked as required, its default selected attribute is – ‘Select option’) or when it’s hidden due to the option rule.


Product Gallery’s Image Carried forward to the Shopping Cart

On the price calculator, the displayed product image (as per the selection of additional options and gallery settings) will be carry forwarded in the Shopping Cart and Order. This feature applies to Pre-defined products only.

Product Level Image Optimization

It is now possible to optimize website images for specific products. We have enhanced this feature to prevent the unnecessary execution on the whole Images section and waiting time, unwanted invalidating cache as URL for existing images gets changed.

So, you will now have the control to optimize website images for selected products.

First, you have to enable the “Enable Optimization” feature from the Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Settings >> Web Optimization tab:


Now, click on the Optimize Images button:


After that, you will find a launcher icon displayed against all the products on the Product listing page:


Here, you can select to optimize the images by clicking on the launcher icon for the respective products and the optimization will process in the background.

User Images – Photo Album

Previously, we were offering the customers to create their new Image album while customizing the Photobook or Photo print products. Now, we have extended this feature to all the other product types as well.


By default, this feature will be enabled for ‘Photobook’ & ‘PhotoPrint’ products. To enable it for the rest of the products follow below steps:

  • Navigate to Admin > Designer Studio > Studio Settings and select the Product Type Specific button:
  • UserImagesPhotoAlbum02.png

  • The settings for product type-specific will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can allow creating a new album for Standard type products along with Photobook and Photoprint.
  • Click on the Edit icon against the option:
  • UserImagesPhotoAlbum03.png

  • Now, enable the option and save the settings:
  • UserImagesPhotoAlbum04.png

More Sorting Options

On the Product listing and Template listing screens, your customers will get the option to sort/filter the products/templates as per Popularity, Newest listing, in A to Z or Z to A order.


Sorting Option Description
Popularity This will sort and display the products/templates as per the sorting specified by you in the Admin Panel.
Newest This will sort and display the products/templates which are newly added to the store.
A to Z This will sort and display the products/templates in ascending order (based on the product/template name).
Z to A This will sort and display the products/templates in descending order (based on the product/template name).

Checkout Page Enhancements

Streamlined Address Capturing On Checkout Page

We have enhanced the way your customers select their shipping/billing addresses on the checkout page as well as on the My Addresses page.

Address from the Checkout page

During the checkout process, the customer or the admin logged in as the customer gets the new UI of address details:


Earlier, editing the existing address, adding a new address or changing the selected address all these actions were done from a single pop-up. Now, in this release, we have separated all these actions and moved them out of the pop-up as shown in the above image.

Here, the customer can change the shipping or billing addresses by clicking the “Change Address” drop-down and selecting the correct address from the options displayed.

The new address can be added (using the Add New button) or the existing address can be modified (using the Edit icon) through the same interface:


Address in My Addresses page

We have improved the UI of the ‘My Address’ page. Navigate to Home >> My Account >> My Addresses screen.

We made following UI enhancement on this page:

  • Improved the address listing UI – Card view listing
  • Separated the action items – Add New Address, edit address.
  • Added icons for better identification of address
  • AddressTypes.png

  • Facility to mark an address as default Blind Shipping Address
  • DefaultBlindShippingAddress.png

Display Shipping/Delivery Instructions

If you want to inform your customers about some special information regarding the delivery, you can do that by adding that message from Admin > Store Personalization > Language Text References screen:


Add your message in the space available for the field “ESTIMATE_DELIVERY_INFO_HELP_MESSAGE” and save it.

Shipping Method & Type under the Shipping Cost Estimation section on the Product Info page or Checkout Page, the message you have added will be displayed as shown below:


Guest Customers: Shipping/Billing Page UI Enhancement

On our Guest Details page (Home > Shopping Cart > Guest Details), the two blocks appear in this order: Shipping/Billing Address and Customer Information. With this enhancement, you can change this block order with Custom CSS (The Custom CSS will be provided by the OnPrintShop team).


For this, navigate to the Admin > Designer Studio > Studio Settings > Custom CSS tab, select the Store and Theme and finally, copy-paste the Custom CSS provided to the space provided.


Also, the ‘Same as shipping Address’ checkbox will be checked by default.

Add to Cart Login Issue Resolved

Now, when your customers enter login credentials on the ‘Add to cart pop-up’ on checkout, we will auto-login the customers as soon as they enter valid login details. Earlier, on the Product Additional Info screen, after specifying login credentials in pop-up, they again had to click on ‘Save & Add to Cart’ button.

New Minor Features & Enhancements

Single Option Displayed as Label

In version 9.0, we have enhanced how the values for any drop-down will appear on the storefront. If any Product field (Size, Quantity, and Additional Option) of drop-down type has only one active value then, it will appear as Label instead of a drop-down with one value for selection.


Yotpo Ratings Besides Product Heading

You will now have the facility to show Yotpo’s ratings besides the product heading, above the price calculator on your storefront.

Google Captcha On The Guest Customer Form

To ensure secure signup and login from your guest customers, you can now capture Google Captcha on the Guest Customer Sign Up page:


Auto-detect Currency & Language

When you have customers across the globe and coming from Non-English speaking regions, they may face issues understanding few things on your front store. To remove this communication gap, we are introducing a feature; “Auto Currency Language” using which you can configure the currency and languages to show as per the country.


Click on the Edit icon to configure the currency and languages associated with a country:


Here, you need to select the service name from the Select Service Name drop-down, enter the access key and add the country, currency and languages.

Once you configure this and enable the service, the system will auto-detect the country for the logged-in user based on their IP addresses and show the respective currency and language throughout the front store.

Note: For the countries which are not configured in the Auto Currency Language functionality, the system will display the default currency and language configured in the system.

Product and CMS Page-Specific Metatag Setting

With the new “Additional Meta Tag” option added in the Product module as well as SEO module, the Admin can now enter SEO-friendly content for products or other pages.


You can find this option for products from Admin >> Product >> Metatag tab and for pages from Admin >> SEO >> Page title, Keyword setting >> Select any page.

CMS Banner Size Settings

While creating a CMS banner you can now have the option to specify its display style which can be Full Page Banner, Inner Page Banner or Container Width Banner:


To know how each style will appear on the storefront, click on the HelpIcon.png icon.

Upload Files in SVG format

You can now upload images with SVG extensions in the entire admin panel except for the Logo.

Added Terms and Conditions checkbox at the Store-front

To make your customers aware of the Terms and Conditions and make them agree to it before they proceed with anything, we have added the Terms and Condition checkbox on multiple pages.

You can manage the settings of the checkbox from the Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Settings >> Customers tab. Through the same setting you can also decide the default value of the checkbox – checked/unchecked:


Once you enable the Terms and Conditions feature, the “I agree to Terms of Use” checkbox will appear on the Registration (Normal & Quick both), Guest User Signup, Request Quote (without login), Contact Us and Newsletter subscription block.

Display Multiple Promotional Messages

With OnPrintShop version 9.0, you will have the facility to create and display multiple promotional messages on the same page for the same time.

For example, you can display Offer for Business Card Magnet as Slider and Offer for Standard Business Cards as Pop-up on the Home Page at the same time:


Visual Price Calculator: Side-by-side Layout

When you have selected “Side-by-side” layout for the Price Calculator in the Product Page Layout screen along with turning ON the Visual Price Calculator for some Additional Options then, the standard Additional Options will appear side by side and Additional Options with Visual price calculator ON will appear as Up and Down:


Enhancement in Product Price Popup Screen

For SEO purposes, we have updated the heading style from H2 to H1 for the Product name displayed in the Price list popup. When you will click on the “View More” from the below screen, the Price List pop-up will appear:


Proofing Pop-up: Show PDF Previewer

When you have uploaded artwork in PDF format from the Modify Design and enabled the Ask for Approval option along with allowing the customers to view the PDF file in the PDF previewer then, the customers can view the artwork for approval in the PDF previewer.

This is how the PDF File will appear in the Proofing pop-up:


Display Enhancements in iPad

For iPad view, we have changed the layout style for the ‘All category” menu:


Also, you can set the number of products to be displayed in a row (1, 2 or 3) on the Home page of an iPad (iPad with 786 widths and lower and it for Portrait layout only) through a setting from Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Settings >> Products tab:


Category Display in Mobile

Now, you will have the facility to set the menu style as per product or product category for the mobile view using the below settings in Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Settings >> Theme Settings tab: