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Front Store80

Front Store Enhancements

Upload multiple artwork files (Product Upload Center and Upload Field)

We have improved the overall multiple file upload feature in the entire system using the ‘+Add More’ button.

We have added a product level setting named “Allow Multiple File Upload” for the provision. This will allow customers to upload multiple files in a single job (at the front end) on the ordered product upload center page on the Front End.

The existing product setting for the provision to allow add multiple jobs on the front side is renamed to “Allow Multiple Job”. This will allow customers to upload multiple job files.

To get the setting go to Admin >> Product >> Action Menu of any product >> ‘Setting’ option >> ‘Upload’ tab.

Front Store7437.png

At the Order Upload Centre, first, there will be the default pages of the product and after that, there will be one button named “Add More File” to upload additional files, this same feature will be available at Order Modify Screen. The button to add multiple jobs is renamed from “Add More” to “Add More Job”.

Front Store7438.png

Note – The setting to control the number of files to be uploaded and the common prefix is centralized.

In the Admin Panel, while placing an offline order or modifying an order the provision to upload multiple files will always be available for all Product Types. But the number of files to be uploaded will be controlled via a site variable just like Front Store.

Mask Images for Extra Pages

For the products with mask images, we have given the provision to upload mask images for the extra pages.

This mask will be applied to all extra pages uploaded. Go to, Admin >> Product >> Action Menu of any product >> Mask Image option

Front Store7439.png

Control prefix of the file name

If the ‘Allow multiple file upload’ setting is enabled then while uploading the file customer will get the option to change the page names. By default, we have added prefixes for the product page names and extra pages to maintain consistency in the file names.

Upload multiple files from single file uploader extra field

For the file uploader extra fields, we will now allow customers to upload multiple files using a single file uploader button. Earlier, the customer could only upload one physical file per field. Now, they can select multiple files and upload all of them at once. For this we have added a new Input Type - 'Upload Multiple Files' at the following instances –

  • Product Additional Options
  • FrontStoreUpdate28.png

  • Form Fields
  • FrontStoreUpdate29.png

If multiple file upload is enabled then customer will be able to upload multiple files using a single file uploader.

Front Store7440.png

Phone Number validation

Now, we will provide phone number validation via Google API, for the majority of countries across your Front-Store and Admin Panel. This validation will automatically identify the country as well as validate its format and digit length based on country. Also, displays the flag of the respective country.

To find the phone number validation setting go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Setting >> Customers tab >> Validate Phone Number setting

Front Store7441.png

  • If Yes – Validate phone number
  • If No – Do not validate the phone number

At various instances, we have added two different styles to select the country and validate the phone number.

  • Country-Wise Selection from Dropdown – The phone number will be validated based on the country selected from a dropdown.
  • Front Store7442.png

  • Inline Country Selection – We have provided a dropdown for the inline selection of country.
  • Front Store7443.png

By default, the country selected by the customer during the time of registration will be displayed everywhere. If no country is available then the default country set by Admin will be selected.

For store, if a specific country is selected then, that country will be auto-selected at the front store otherwise default country will be selected.

The phone number validation is available in the following instances –

Front Store

  • Customer registration page
  • Contact Us page
  • Request Quote page
  • Guest details page – Shipping, Billing, and Customer information pages.
  • Shopping Cart page
  • Address pages
  • User Profile edit pages

Admin Panel

  • Customer Module – add customers page, manage customer address page.
  • Orders Module – Add new order pages, Edit Order pages
  • Quote Module – Add a new quote
  • Store Module – Add new store page, Store Address page
  • Printer Module – Add/Edit printer details
  • Shipping Module – Local Pickup Address Management

Request Quote Form Enhancement

We have updated the ‘Add Quote’ Interface, the system will now display all the price calculator fields of the particular product i.e. the details configured in the OPS system for the Existing Products.

For this, we have added a new setting ‘Quote with Actual Details’. Go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Settings >> ‘Store Configuration’ tab


If this is set to ‘Yes’ then all the product details (size and attributes) for the existing product will be displayed in the Quote Form.

Front Store7445.png

  • For every product price calculator field – Size or Additional Options we have added an ‘Other’ option. This option will provide a textbox where one (both customer and admin) can define their custom details.
  • Front Store7446.png

  • The product option rules will only be applicable if it is created based on ‘Select Option/Other Option’
  • Front Store7447.png

  • If there are Quote Extra Fields added then they’ll be displayed after the product's price calculator details.
  • Now for existing quote products system will allow a single quantity at the time of quote placement but the admin can give quotation for multiple quantities (based on configuration setting and site variable for quantity limit) by adding quantity first from edit respective quote product from quote action screen.

Minor Enhancements

Lazy loading functionality

We have enabled lazy loading at Product Listing Pages, Product Categories Pages, and the pages containing the list of all products.

This is implemented via a site setting, please connect with the technical team to enable it for your print store.

Lazy loading has several benefits, to list a few –

  • Reduces initial load time – Lazy loading a webpage reduces page weight, allowing for a quicker page load time.
  • Bandwidth conservation – Lazy loading conserves bandwidth by delivering content only if it’s requested.
  • System resource conservation – Lazy loading conserves both server and client resources because only some of the images, JavaScript, and other code needs to be rendered or executed.

Template list on the product info screen

  • In this release, we have enhanced the product template display style. Earlier, the display style was an only list (pagination or lazy load as per setting). Now, we have added a new Site Setting under Theme Setting – Product Template Display Style.
  • Go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> Site Setting >> Theme Setting tab

    Front Store7448.png

    • Slider: All the templates will be displayed with the slick slider by the template per page setting.
    • List: All the templates will be displayed on the list with the default setting. (Pagination or lazy load).

Front End –

  • Product Template Display Style –Slider with previous and next buttons.
  • Front Store7449.png

  • Product Template Display Style – List with pagination style.
  • Front Store7450.png

Note: 'Product Templates' block must be included in the product page layout to see the effect of the ‘Product display template style’ setting.

Product info screen enhancement

  • On the Product Info screen, in-text fields when your customers press enter key we will refresh the screen and also keep the field highlighted. If pressed the tab key, we will move to the next field.