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Front Store73

Front Store Enhancements

Advanced Zipcode to cover most possible combination

We have introduced a pattern in the zip code for the admin to configure a wide variety of zip codes very efficiently and quickly. Go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> Manage Zones

  • Also, along with Comma Separated Values, the Admin will get the option to use wildcards while adding the zip codes (E.g. – CB23*).
  • E.g. Zipcode - 85***, this will cover all the zip code of Phoenix in Arizona(US) ranging from 85001 till 85055 and can handle all possible future values.
  • V73335.png

  • At the front store, once the customer enters any zip code, then the codes will be searched according to the initial constants. Also, according to the zip codes, the prices will be shown.
  • From the entered wildcards, the most relevant zip code will be chosen by the system, to create a match and display prices. For example – according to the picture below if the zip code entered by the customer at the front end is 380005, then the 380*** patterns will be taken into consideration for related processes.
  • V7336.png

  • We’ve also worked relentlessly to enhance the zip code structure from the old tabular format (with assigned zip codes and unassigned zip codes sections). Now, there will be a trash icon given along with every zip code. Thus, making it easy for the Admin to manage a large number of zip codes. This also eradicates the concern/pain of scrolling the zip code list.
  • V7337.png

  • Similarly, under Flat Shipping methods, if the shipping setting is Zip Code based then Admin gets the option to enter the Comma Separated Zip code values and wildcard character. There will be help provided for the same.
  • V7338.png

  • For Local Pickup Shipping Method, under the Local Pickup Addresses, Admin will get to enter the wildcard formatted zip codes as shown below. They’ll also get a help section for the same.
  • V7339.png

Product Image Gallery Enhancement

In the previous version (v7.2), we introduced a feature where, when a customer selects a specific additional option’s attribute, the product image bound with the option was displayed.

In this release we enhance this feature further, now we added one more option through which you can bind the product images with the Additional Options instead of the Attributes. Through this, you can showcase all the attributes of an additional option in a single image to your customers. You can configure different images for each additional option.

E.g. 1 – Similarly in the below example, an image is bound with the Additional Option - Corner. Thus, on the selection of Corner Additional Option, the image associated with it shows upon.


  • Thus to achieve this image binding feature, we have enhanced the Configuration Setting option in the ‘Product Image Gallery’.
  • Go to, Admin >> Product >> Select Any Product >> ‘Action Dropdown’ >> Gallery >> Gallery Setting
  • Here, we’ve added a new option in Gallery Type – Option-wise renamed the ‘Specific Options’ to ‘Attribute-wise’.
  • To achieve the above gallery type, choose Option-wise.
  • This will help you in personalizing the image galley, showcase your additional option features via image, thus making the overall interaction of the customer with the product more interactive.
  • The Select Option dropdown (in step 3 as shown in image), will list all the additional options of the product. At a time you can select any one additional option and upload the image.
  • V7342.png

  • This image binding has several rules and limitations that you will come across while uploading the image for each Additional Option Attribute.

Secondary email ID for customer notification

In eCommerce, communication is the key. The way one communicates with its customers determines how well the store is doing. Keeping in mind the importance of communication we have added an extra email field along with the other customer details fields.

Many times it happens that the customer loses its primary email id and the communication link becomes broken. To avoid such gaps, we are introducing this new field of Secondary Email(s).

This feature also comes handy when your customers want their every Invoice emails to be sent to an external party be it their head or any accountant person. Choose the specific email notification where such a feature is required and we will set the rest for you.

  • The field is available at both the front and admin side.
  • On the front side, it is available in My Account >> My Profile. Here, customer can enter their secondary email(s) separated by commas.
  • At admin panel, it is available in Admin >> Website Customers >> Action Menu >> Edit. Here also, admin can enter multiple secondary emails for their customers separated by commas.
  • V7343.png

  • All the email ids entered in the field will be used as secondary recipients (i.e. added in CC) for the email notifications sent to the customer.
  • This field is also available on data export and customer data import pages.
  • Note – This feature is controlled by a site variable, please contact the technical team for the same.

Email Templates Redesign and Branding

With every activity, we have several emails linked which are fired when those activities are performed. We have emails for customers (default store and store), site admins and business partners (store, printer, workflow admin, designer, etc.)

We’ve worked relentlessly on the email templates designs and content and introduced various elements that are very essential for your emails. We have designed and made every email template look more awesome.

Note: To apply Branding Level updates in your Email Templates, you shall have to load all the default Email Templates and Email Structures.

Elements Redesigned

  • Subject Line - Subject line is considered one of the most important factors in getting your email opened so your subscribers can see your sweet design so make it engaging, personal, and relevant. Thus, we have tried to keep the content minimal, avoided unnecessary punctuation, as well as added some words that can increase more engagement.
  • Email Heading - Headers add valuable context to your subject line and can help enhance the open rate. We have kept it short and to the point, as this space can help your customer know why the email is useful to them. The new subject lines and the header text work together.
  • Dynamic Content – We know it’s important to keep the content minimum in your email i.e. to the point and remove any unneeded noise. Thus, we have modified the email contents, focused on the language that will work best, stood true to the brand (print industry), and optimized the key parts of the email content.
  • Call to Action buttons – A good CTA button act as a conversion point for the reader. We’ve added the CTA button in the email content (wherever required), with a good copy – specific and focused on the subject. Designed it such that it stands out with an ideal placement in the body content.
  • Signature – A good signature includes all the important details about the sender. Thus, we’ve kept an open room for you to personalize your signatures depending upon the receiver.

    Go to, Admin >> Content Management >> Email / SMS Notifications >> Email Notification >> Signature (top-right corner).

    Here, you can set different email signatures for customers (store and default store), the various site admin, and store admin and copy write details in the master which will then be auto-populated on every email that is sent.

Email Template Structure Edit

  • Earlier the email template structure had only Logo and Body content as its component. Now, we have kept an open room for you to personalize all the email templates for different themes.
  • Go to, Admin >> Content Management >> Email/SMS Notification >> Email Notification >> Email Template Structure
  • EmailTemplate33.png

  • Click on any theme to edit the structure.
  • V7345.png

  • We’ve added signature and copyright text into the email message structure. Also, we’ve provided various variables to enhance the template structure as well as branding.

Email Template Structure Branding

  • Along with the template structure, we have kept an open room where you can change and define a personalized color theme for all your email templates.
  • Go to, Admin >> Content Management >> Email/SMS Notification >> Email Notification >> Email Template Structure
  • V7346.png

  • This will open an Email Template Branding pop-up with various color sets. You can select any color set and also change the color theme of various email template elements. We’ve kept an open room, thus allowing you to rebrand your email templates as per your business theme.
  • V7347.png

Organize Customer Details

Customers’ details are one of them in the Website Customer Management Module. In this new version, we have upgraded the storage of these details and moved the essential fields to a new section.

  • Company name and phone number of any customer holds utmost importance and previously these fields were in Address Section. As the address details were optional for the Admin to fill, many times these two fields (Company name and phone number) were being skipped. Now, enhancing the structure we have added these fields in the Customer Details section.
  • V7348.png

  • Thus, with the changes in the Customer Details structure, we’ve added a new column on the dashboard of website customers and omitted the address details section.
  • V7349.png

  • Also, enhancing the customer details and address details storage we’ve removed the address details from My Account >> My Profile. This will only include the necessary details related to the customer and the address details will be present in My Account >> My Addresses only.
  • V7350.png

  • For guest customers, the Company Name field will be available in the Customer Information section, along with the phone number. Earlier it was included in the Shipping and Billing information.
  • V7351.png

  • On the Orders Detail page, we have changed the structure of displaying the customer data.
  • V7352.png

Preview Uploaded PDF and Set Limitation for Large File Upload

We have worked relentlessly to improve user-interaction. Serving to the print industry we understand the importance of product design and how the customer should have an open room to upload their print-ready files freely from the Upload Center Page.

In the latest update, we have revised the upload center file viewing option, so that any customer can easily verify their upload artwork.

If a PDF file is uploaded –

  • For PDF Files we have added a new setting “Enable PDF preview for upload file” under the Product Settings.
  • Front Store731 Update.png

  • If the setting is enabled i.e. set to yes, then at the Upload Center Page, the PDF files can be previewed in a PDF Reader (by clicking on the thumb).
  • Front Store732Update.png

  • If a common upload button is given, then all the pages will appear in the PDF viewer.

If a large image file is uploaded –

  • For larger images where no thumb is generated, clicking on the file extension will let the customer view their image in a fancy box. The image will be available in its original size.
  • This will be available on the Upload center page, Additional information page, Cart page, My Account section, upload artwork page (later when order is placed), portfolio page, etc.

Run product search by keywords

  • To run an advanced and better search facility we have added a new textbox called ‘Search Keywords’ under the Product details section of Product Configuration.
  • V7355.png

  • Here, you can add search keywords (only text) using which your customer will be able to run an easy product search using the search bar at the front end.

Apply rules on ‘Extra Fields’ and ‘Form Fields’

In this release, we bring you the provision to apply different rules on the ‘Extra fields’ and ‘Form Fields’. With this feature, you can apply rules on fields and handle your dependent fields effectively on the Front-Store.

Sometimes, it so happens that certain dependent fields are to be shown/hidden based on customer’s selection. This scenario can be efficiently handled with this feature.

Extra Fields

  • Go to, Admin >> Customer >> Website Customer >> Extra Fields >> Extra Fields Rules
  • Click on +Add any new rule.
  • You can also create rules as default store and store specific.
  • V7381.png

Form Fields

  • Go to, Admin >> Store Configuration >> Manage Form Fields
  • V7380.png

  • This will open a screen listin all the Form Field Rules created. Click on +Add to add a new rule.
  • V7379.png

  • Here, you can select the fields to be made hidden on the selection of certain fields.

Minor Enhancements

Alternate Text for Free Shipping Charges

For the shipping methods (weight-based shipping and quantity based shipping) where the prices defined were zero, Admin can now add an alternative text.

Earlier, on zero prices customer was able to see the pricing label. Now we have made it configurable. Once the price is zero, the end customer won’t see any price nor the label in frontend the store. Also, we have given an option for the Admin to add an alternative text for the zero prices, e.g. FREE.

To set an alternative text, go to

  • Admin >> Store Configuration >> Shipping Method >> Weight based/Quantity based >> Action Menu >> Edit
  • Here, to hide the zero shipping price tick the checkbox – Hide Zero Shipping Price and write an alternative text.


Front End –


Multiple pre-defined quantities for the Custom Size Products

  • Now, you can configure multiple predefined quantities (Dropdown instead of the Textbox) for ‘Custom Size Products’, just like we have for ‘Fixed Quantity and Price’ pricing method.
  • For custom size products, there was only option to define the minimum and maximum order quantities. Now, extending this feature we’ve added a Product Default Quantity textbox under the General Tab of product settings.
  • V7357.png

  • Here Admin can enter multiple comma-separated quantities to be displayed at the front. These quantities will appear in the form of a dropdown.
  • Note – Only the quantities falling in the defined price range will be displayed and the rest will be ignored by the system.

Front End –


  • As 40 did not belong in the set price range, it is not added in the dropdown.

Admin Image accessible in Canvas

  • To date, the images added by Admin from the Admin >> Designer Studio >> Images were unavailable at the front store under the Canvas Product.
  • This made customers miss out on some great images added by the Admin. Now we’ve made these images available under the Image Gallery Pop-up.

Include phone number field in Quote

  • Keeping in mind the importance of phone numbers, we have added the phone number field on the Request Quote page for both front end and Admin Panel.
  • V359.png

  • One can change the phone number setting from Store Configuration >> Site Setting >> Customers tab >> Customer Phone.

Language-wise URL Redirection

OnPrintShop is multi-lingual, we offer several languages that Admin can offer to their customers. To enable a language, go to – Admin >> Store Configuration >> Languages.

  • Here, any language enabled was directly visible at the front store. Now, opening the room for Admin we have added a new column called Admin Only.
  • Using this admin gets to enable the language from the backend, configure the language-related changes such as product descriptions, CMS text, email templates, etc., and then make the language available for the customers.
  • Note: Once the language is enabled for the front store, it will automatically be available for the Admin.


  • Due to the multi-lingual platform, there were several lags that Admin used to face in the system. If a language was first enabled and then disabled then the product URLs and other URLs were still in action, thus affecting the SEO of the overall site.
  • To overcome this, we have enhanced our structure where all the URLs associated with a language will be disabled once the language status is set to off.
  • We have also enhanced the error-404 URLs, to maintain the search engine rankings of your domain and overall website SEO.

Visual Proof tool UI enhancement

Through the Visual Proofing Tool, your customers can preview and provide immediate feedback on the designs, which designers can understand and quickly make necessary changes for final approval. To make the design approval process more interactive and customer-friendly we have made certain UI changes on the Proofing Tool.

This will help your customer to mark well the changes needed with the new UI.

  • We’ve shifted the product details to the top-left corner.
  • The design tools are made available at the top-center part of the proofing tool.
  • The comment section has been improvised with a few design changes and a close button.
  • The comment pop-up with the tool has its own save and delete button.
  • Customers can anytime switch to full screen or close the proofing tool.


Variable based pop-up for ‘Create-Copy’

  • It is very much possible that a customer looks to recreate the previously ordered designs from the user portfolio.
  • Currently, clicking on the Create copy button opens a pop-up that allows the customer to choose whether to create the design with the same product and design or choose an entirely new product and create a design.
  • Now, this pop-up is kept optional meaning that according to your product offering you can control this pop-up. If you do not want to create a copy of the same size, then the pop-up can be eliminated and directly create a copy of the same size.
  • With a setting, you can choose to hide the size version pop-up and redirect it to the designer studio page.
  • Note – This setting is controlled by a site variable, please contact the technical team for the same.