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Front End Printing and Mailing

Front End - Printing and Mailing

Case – 1

Consider a product – Flyer with product service type as Printing & Mailing. Thus, the customer will have to opt for compulsory mailing with the printing.

Front End Printing and Mailing9.png

At the front, the system will display the Mailing Calculator, where customer can define the mailing quantity, choose postage class as per their requirement, and select mailing date (if the setting is enabled).

In the price section, they’ll get the total product cost as the summation of Printing and Mailing Cost and Postage Price. Also, we have a few settings related to pricing, so contact the technical support team for further assistance.

After completing the product design, a customer will land on the Product Options page. Here, one can choose to upload the mailing list (if the setting is enabled) or choose EDDM service for the mailing list. If the USA – DATA is enabled and configured, then that option will also be available here.

Front End Printing and Mailing10.png

If Upload Mail List is selected –

Front End Printing and Mailing11.png

  • Customers can now download a sample file and add the mailing list.
  • Once the file gets uploaded select the mailing list and check the Mailing Summary.
  • One can map the fields according to the data filled in the sheet.
  • Click on Upload and Save and complete the order.

At the Admin Panel, go to – Admin >> Orders >> List Order >> ‘Action Menu’ of the order with mail list >> Update Order Option.

Under the Order Product Details, Admin can find the link to download the Mailing List uploaded by the customer.

Front End Printing and Mailing12.png

Mailing List

At the Admin Panel, the customer mailing list is available at under Customers >> Customer Mailing List. Here Admin can download or delete the mailing list, however, they have no provision to add a mailing list.

Front End Printing and Mailing13.png

At the front end, customer can check their mailing list from My Account >> My Mailing List.

Front End Printing and Mailing14.png

Here customers can view, update, delete, and upload a new mailing list as per their requirements.

If EDDM Mail List is selected –

  • Enter the address, zip code, city, area, or locality to get the address information.
  • Choose the radius under which you look to find the addresses.
  • Front End Printing and Mailing15.png

  • Once the system finds all the addresses it will display them as in the figure below.
  • Select the address and get the Order Summary. It will define the residential addresses, commercial addresses, post offices, and individual routes.
  • Save and continue to complete the order.
  • Front End Printing and Mailing16.png

Admin Panel

To download the mailing route from the Admin Panel, go to – Admin >> Orders >> List orders >> Action Menu of order with EDDM Service >> Download EDDM routes

Front End Printing and Mailing17.png

Note: There are various technical aspects associated with the EDDM Routes PDF, such as the Bundle Size, Per Page Route Count, Minimum Rows for EDDM Service, etc. Contact the technical team for more support.

Also, under View/Update Order you’ll find the Route Information given in the EDDM Options.

Front End Printing and Mailing18.png

If USA-DATA is selected –

  • The system will provide list type as shown in the below image which is configured in USA-DATA service.
  • Front End Printing and Mailing19.png

  • Choose target geographical area(s).
  • Front End Printing and Mailing20.png

  • You can also add a different zip code.
  • Front End Printing and Mailing21.png

  • Fill the form as per your needs and proceed further.
  • Front End Printing and Mailing22.png

  • Fill data as per your need and click the Next button and the system will redirect to additional information section.
  • Front End Printing and Mailing23.png

  • Your customer can now proceed further to complete their order.

Admin Panel

You can view all the orders and download the USA-DATA mail list file for orders using the Get Data Files button.

Front End Printing and Mailing24.png

Case – 2

Consider a product – Flyer with product service type as Mailing Only.

Here the customer will only have to enter the Mailing Quantity and proceed to checkout. The only thing is that customers will not get the option to design the product or to place a printing order.

Front End Printing and Mailing25.png

Next, it will be redirected to the Product Options page and rest remain the same as explained in case 1.

Case – 3

Consider a product – Flyer with product service type as Printing and Mailing (Optional).

Here, customers can choose whether or not to opt for the mailing service using the feature, Show Mailing Calculator.

Front End Printing and Mailing26.png

If opted for yes, then it means the customer looks forward to availing the mailing option and the order flow will take them to the Product Options page. If no, then the order flow will be like any other standard product.