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Front-Store Features91

Front Store Features

Shopping Cart Enhancements

In this release, we have made some enhancements to the Shopping Cart at the front store for a better user experience.

  • We have enhanced the UI & UX of the Cart Layout to make it more user-friendly (from two steps to Three Steps). We have segregated the Shopping Cart into three steps now: Order Details, Shipping, and Payment which can be accessed using the Continue button.
  • We have maintained an internal breadcrumb in the cart section for easy accessibility and navigation for all three sections.

Shopping Cart/Order Details

The first step is the Shopping Cart or the Order Details:

ShoppingCart OrderDetails.png

  • We have provided an option where the admin can choose to display the number of Additional Options through the View More link. Once the customer will click on the View More link, they can see rest of the details of the product.
  • For this, we have provided an option of “Product View More Option Count” in the Site Settings where the admin can enter the number of lines to be displayed in the Shopping Cart and after which the View More link will appear:
  • ShoppingCart ViewMoreSetting.png

  • The next thing that on the Order Details page, only subtotal price will be displayed.
  • Once done, the customer needs to click on the Continue button and they will be navigated to Shipping step.


The second step is the Shipping details:

ShoppingCart ShippingDetails.png

  • Here, we have given the facility to choose the shipping methods display style. The shipping can be displayed in any of the two styles; Radio button and Drop-down.
  • This can be achieved through the below setting provided in the Site Settings page:
  • ShoppingCart ShippingDisplaySetting.png

  • Also, we have added a checkbox for “Same as Shipping Address” for Billing Address. This checkbox will appear only if the address added is of “Both” address type.
  • On this step, the shipping price will be added.
  • For defining the Payment details of the order, click on the Continue button.

Payment Details

The last step is the Payment Details:

ShoppingCart PaymentDetails.png

  • In this step, we have kept the details related to payment including the Coupon Code section.
  • We have also moved the special instructions on this step.
  • Regarding the Pricing Summary section, all the pricing (Discount, Tax and Processing Fees) will be added in this step.

Package Product Enhancements

In this release, we have made the below-listed enhancements to the Package Product:

  • Now, the customers will have the facility of template preview in 3D.
  • The admin can create material type for package products using the additional option. They can also set the preview images for the different material type created.
  • The admin can choose to offer the option to enter the "Custom Size" in package products (along with other products) to their customers.

Template Preview Enhancement

Now, your customer will have the facility to view package products in the 3D throughout the front store (Browse Design, Shopping Cart, Product Info Page, My Saved Designs, etc.).

Packagepdt Template3Dpreview.gif

Set Material Type for Package Product

Now, the admin will have the facility to create a material type for package products using the additional option. Admin can set the preview images for the different material types created from the designer preview images tab of the designer rules page.

Also, the admin can decide if he wants to display the preview images in the foreground or background through the “Designer Preview Image Type” setting:

Packagepdt PreviewImageType.png

Allow “Custom Size” option in Price calculator

In this release, we have provided a facility to the admin where they can decide to offer the Custom Size option to its customers. For this, we have provided an option “Allow the Custom Size in Price Calculator” in Custom Size tab of Product Section settings:

Packagepdt CustomSizeoption.png

Once enabled, the customer will be able to see “Custom Size” option in the Size drop-down and when disabled, only the predefined sizes will be available:

Packagepdt CustomSizeoption Frontstore.png

New Minor Feature & Enhancements

Copy Shopping Cart Link for Customer

In this release, we have provided an option to admin using which they can copy and share the shopping cart link to their customers.

This will help the customers who don’t have passwords set in their system.

To share the shopping cart link with the customers, the admin needs to navigate to the Admin Panel >> Customers >> Website Customers >> Action dropdown for the selected customer:

Actions CopyCartLink.png

From the drop-down, once the admin clicks on the “Copy Cart Link” option, the below screen will appear:

CopyCartLink Popup.png

Using the Copy URL to clipboard button admin can copy the link and then share the link with their customer.

Admin can also view and copy the shopping cart link of the customers from the Customer Details page and Order Listing page (on click of customer name).

Payment Method Screen Enhancement

With the enhanced UI at the front store, when the customer will enter the card details (first 4 digits of the card) in the Payment Details section, we will display the card type (Visa, MasterCard, etc.):


Tax Price Enhancement

When the customer has added some products to their shopping cart and all of the products added are Tax Exempted then the tax on the shipping price will also be exempted for those products.

“My Saved Design” Enhancement

We have enhanced the options getting displayed once the customer clicks on the “Create Copy” button for the selected design from the My Saved Designs page.

Now, when the Standard products are disabled from the admin and the customers click on the Create Copy button for any Standard product design then, they will get the below two options:

CreateCopy StdProduct.png

When Photobook, Calendar or Package product is disabled then the customers will not any option to create a copy of the design. They will get the below-displayed warning message on the click on Create Copy:

ProductDisabled CreateCopy.png

Select/Un-select in kit products

In the case of “Allow Partial Kit”, the customers will now have the facility to select/deselect all products from the kit with a single selection. For this, we have provided the “Include All Items in Order” checkbox on the Kit Product’s page:

SelectAll Kitpdt.png

Sticky artwork action button ( Mobile )

In the Product Layout, if the admin configures action buttons to open in pop-up, then in the Mobile interface front-store view, we will show sticky action buttons on the product info screen to the customers:


Display The Order’s Total Amount On the Checkout Success Page

After the order is successfully placed, we will now display the order’s total amount on the checkout success page:


Update Look and Feel for Upload Centre Page

We have updated the UI and UX of the upload center page and made it user-friendly.

Search Designers by their name or nickname

In the Designer Marketplace add-on plugin, on the Designers landing page, your customers will now have the facility to search designers by their first name, last name or nickname:

DesignerSearch nickname.png