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Your customers are bounded to have a few questions about your product offerings, services, company, printing methodology, etc. While you try to answer all their questions using a blog post, web content, and web 2.0s, it can sometimes become troublesome for them to find exact answers. Else, if finding answers is taking much of their time then they will for sure look for alternative websites rather than holding to yours.

In such situations, creating an FAQ page will allow your visitors to find all their answers in one place. Using this interface you can add numerous FAQs under different categories, edit the current FAQs and manage them.


Add a FAQ

Admin > Content Management > FAQs > Add (Top Right Link)

FAQ added using 'Add' will fall under primary level.

To add an FAQ, simply select a category created from the FAQ Category section. Write the question and properly suited answer for the same.

Note – All these questions and answers will aim to cover all the doubts of your visitors/customers. Thus, make these questions customer-friendly. Also, try to compose each of the questions from the customers’ perspective rather than from the website owner’s perspective.

Once you have filled in the necessary details, click 'Submit' to save the changes made.


Action Menu

Admin > Content Management > FAQs > Action dropdown

Edit: If any functional change happens on your website then you can easily edit an FAQ. This will keep your customers aware of the changes made on the website or the services.

Delete: Quick link to delete the selected FAQ after a two-step confirmation.

FAQ Categories

With categories, you can group FAQs with similar characteristics or topics. This will make it easy for the customers to solve their queries and browse all the questions on the same topic. This will also make it easy for them to navigate through various categories to find other relevant questions.

The system gives you 5 pre-created FAQ categories, namely – Preliminaries, Products, Pricing, Printing, and Payment.

You can add a category using the ‘+ADD’ button.


Add a FAQ Category –

To add an FAQ category simply enter a suitable name for the category and give a sort order. The title of the category should be such that it includes a wide variety of questions.


Action Menu

Admin > Content Management > FAQ Category > Action Dropdown

Edit: Quick link to modify the details of any existing FAQ Category. All you can modify from here is the Category Name.

Delete: Quick link to delete the selected FAQ Category after confirmation. This link will only show for categories that don't have any FAQ saved in them.

Note – If you wish to delete categories that don't show an option of 'Delete', then delete the FAQs in that particular Category or transfer them to a different category.


View Question: A quick link to check FAQs within the selected category.

Manage FAQ Link on your website

You can add your FAQ page’s link in either header, footer, to the header or the sidebar. To edit the location of the FAQ page, go to –

Admin >> Store Personalization >> Links Header/Footer >> FAQ >> Action Menu >> Edit Option

Make the desired changes, regarding the positioning and display options of the FAQ page.


Front End View –


You can see how a separate link of FAQ is created in the header. The FAQs are displayed under the categories assigned along with collapse and expand buttons.