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External Service Settings

External Service Settings

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings

Using external services, you can configure various third-party applications into your online store. Our third-party applications are curated to make sure your store doesn’t miss out on any of the features. You can simply enter the API key and connect with third-party applications to sell and operate your website more effectively.

This section allows configuring settings for certain services provided by third-party companies on your storefront.

Social Sharing

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Social Sharing TAB

Connect your store with social sharing apps such as AddShoppers, review apps such as YotPo and social login apps such as Google and Facebook, and more. Our wide range of enterprise-grade applications will give you advanced features such as Google Captcha , and Facebook Pixel integration. There are a few free image library apps available such as Flickr, Pixabay, Dropbox Images and mores. You can integrate these apps into your store, this will help your customers choose from a library of images to create a design.

Mail Services

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Mail Services TAB

Stay away with all the email bounce backs using these mail services. You can configure any of the email services for your store and follow the step by step guide to launch and execute your email campaigns. You will also find resourceful links to find out more information about the email service provider and register with them.

Cloud Storage

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Cloud Storage TAB

Note: You can only activate one cloud storage service for your storefront at a time.

Any cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon can help you reduces infrastructure cost and management and allows your end-customers to easily upload large files directly in the cloud. If cloud storage is configured correctly and active on your storefront, customers will get an option to upload large order or quote files to cloud storage based on 'Allow Cloud File Upload' in product settings and 'File upload location for quote order' setting in Store Configuration settings respectively.

Image Library

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Image Library TAB

These image libraries will allow the customer to purchase images from third-party image libraries for creating their designs in the Designer Studio. Integrating any of the image libraries will allow you, customers, to access high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors and videos together in their designer studio.

Note: Only one image library can be enabled at a time.

Register with Depositphotos or Abobe Stock and enter the necessary configuration details in the admin panel from ‘External Service Settings’. If the configuration details are valid, your customers shall be able to use their images while creating designs in the website designer studio.

SMS Notification

Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > SMS Notification TAB

Just like email notifications you can send SMS notifications to your customers. OnPrintShop allows you to integrate various national/international third-party SMS service providers. An Auto SMS will be sent to the registered mobile numbers of the customer based on the configuration you set in Admin for SMS notifications. All you have to do is gather API details such as username, password, etc. and enter the details in Admin Panel.


Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Others TAB

You can activate some supporting application access for the solution from this tab.

We have applications like Pushpad for admin notification on desktop or mobile for helping you not to miss any notification from the solution. Also, we have Zapier which will help you to push data from our solution to any third party solution available on the Zapier platform. OnPrintShop has an integration with ShipStation to make your shipping handling process a breeze. Next, we also have the Google Auto Address Search feature to finish an address.


Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Accounting TAB

Note: You can only activate one accounting service for your storefront at a time.

These third-party apps will not only help you save time and reduce manual errors but assist you to automatically sync customer and their order data, create purchase orders or manage invoices. Some of the accounting software supported by OnPrintShop are QuickBooks, Xero, EPMS, ZOHO, and Shopvox. You need to register with one of these service providers to have this functionality work on your storefront.


Admin > Store Configuration > External Service Settings > Tax API TAB

Note: You can only activate one Tax API service for your storefront at a time.

We have Tax Cloud and AvaTax tax third party TAX API services integration available. All the third-party taxing APIs have taxability rules to calculate sales tax at checkout, thus, saving you time, money and effort. Connect with a taxing API account to get advanced functionality like product-level tax, exemptions, address verification, reporting, and integrated filing.

Based on the configuration you set in the admin panel, and configure the required credentials in OnPrintShop. Once you have done this you will have to change the Tax settings form the bellow path for the service to work properly:

Admin > Store Configuration > Settings > Store Configuration Tab > Tax Calculation based on > select "Third Party API - 4"