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Export-API Orders

Exporting Orders

At every screen of the Admin panel we have given an option to export the data into an excel file. Here we have an option using which you can export the Orders to any third-party app.

Exporting orders can be a quick way to transfer all the order details into third-party analytics software or accounting software. We have various order export settings, API web services settings, and HOT folder settings, so that you do not miss any information.

Export API Orders

Export orders either manually or all at once using this interface. Using this section, you can easily export all your orders into your offline system.

At first you will have to understand and configure the Export/API settings to enable order transfer (which we will discuss later in the document).

After successful configuration simply selects the order range from various options, decide upon a date range and choose the order status(es). Then click on Export to move order records to your offline system. Click Manual transfer if you wish to move only selective orders to your offline system.


Export API Settings

This displays the summary of current export order settings such as Export Style, Export File Format, Export File Name Format, Hot Folder Setting, Folder Location and its Structure.

To change the settings, click on ‘Export/API Settings’ button.


Export Order Settings


This section decides how your export file will look.

  • Export Style – this will create either single file for all orders, or create single files per order.
  • Export File Name Format – With the variables provided decide the file name of the export order file.
  • Export Format – Depending on your business usage you can choose the file format i.e. XML or Excel.

We also have a separate section for API Web Services where you will have to generate a token, this token will be used as authentication while using this service. Set a format, and provide an IP address.

Capture Order Information – Get the list of variables that will be included in various information captured such as Order Details, Customer Details, Billing Details, Order Product Info, Shipping Address, Order Shipment Info.

Hot Folder Settings

Admin > Orders > Export / API Orders > Export / API Settings > Select Hot Folder Settings TAB

The Hot folder is a folder set in the server which holds the exported files. In this section, you get to decide the Hot Folder location, its Name, and its structure.  

Folder Location – Select with the requirement and save the updated settings.

  • Server Folder: Folder will be created on the server.
  • Remote FTP Folder: Configure your own FTP and system will create folders in configured own FTP.
  • Printer wise Folder: Folder will create based on the Printer management system.
  • Cloud Storage: The cloud storage integrated into your system will be displayed here ('Dropbox' option is listed in the below example). Selecting the option will enable you to transfer the order details to a cloud storage option.

Automated Transfer:

Automated functionality will export your orders automatically after a specific time duration that will automatically transfer the print job ticket of orders. This automated service will be on a paid basis.


API Service Settings

API Web Service is used to retrieve order information, customer information based on the parameter passed and also update order status for the specific order. This API provides data in XML or JSON format.