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Email-SMS Notifications

Email Notifications

Email notification is an email sent to your website customers regarding any change in the services, products available, order updates, quote updates, etc.

We have created 50+ instances of email notifications into our system, you can anytime edit the pre-created email templates and customize their content according to your business needs.

These email notifications will keep your customers informed about the daily happenings on your website and in their accounts. Besides they will remain updated at every moment via email.

Email Keys and Help– The email templates help is also now precise and clear, thus giving a better understanding of the user (Admin) about its usage.

Updated traits– Along with every email, we’ve added traits indicating who will receive a copy of the email along with its primary receiver.


Send Email Notification

Admin > Content Management > Email-SMS Notifications > Set E-mail Notifications

At times it is possible that Admin or any other concerned person from the support team might require an update of every activity happening on the website.

For such situations can enter your email id in the ‘To’ section of the Email Template. Thus, whenever the system fires an email - the mail id mentioned in the ‘To’ section will also receive a copy of the same email sent to the customer.

Along with this, you can set the ‘From’ email. With this, the customer will get an authenticity about the sender. You can also set the display name that e-mail recipients will see. Use the format <your_display_name>your_email_id e.g. <John Doe>john_doe@outlook.com. Also, if you wish to get responses from the customers then enter the ‘Reply-To’ email id. All the responses will be received on this email id.

There is a ‘BCC’ field given, this will add the BCC field where Admin can enter an email ID for the same.


Manage Notifications – For the email sent to the customer, we’ve added a new column under the Set Email Notification, Notify to Customer. You can enable/disable the notification for the Customer and Admin. Also, for the email templates not sent to customers, this column is kept blank thus eliminating any room for confusion.

Click on the ‘Mail Test’ button to send a test email. This will give you a clear idea about how the ‘From’, ‘Reply-To’, ‘To’, and ‘CC’ fields functions.

Email Configuration

Admin >> Content management >> Email/SMS notifications >> Email Configuration (Top Right Link)

An email configuration will help you establish a connection between the web server and the mail server. For the mail server, we have two options – one is to use the PHP Mailer (already established into the system) or to create an SMTP Connection.

We suggest our clients configure an SMTP based connection as it works on a protocol and saves your email from injection into the Spam box.


To add a new email connection, go to –

Admin >> Content Management >> Email/SMS Notifications >> Email Notifications >> Email Connection >> Add Connection

Fill in the form with the required details. Your SMTP service provider will be the one liable to provide this set of information.

Refer to the link for SMTP Set Up to understand the whole process.

Email Template Structure

Email Temlate Structure Edit

This feature will help you set a structure for all the outgoing emails from your system. An email template structure can include a website logo at the top, company tagline at the bottom and more.

You also get the option to define template structure store-wise.

Note – If you have not designed any specific structure than default structure will be applied.


  • Click on any theme to edit the structure.
  • V7345.png

  • You can add signature and copyright text into the email message structure. Also, we’ve provided various variables to enhance the template structure as well as branding.

Email Template Branding

  • Along with the template structure, you can change and define a personalized color theme for all your email templates.
  • V7346.png

  • This will open an Email Template Branding pop-up with various color sets. You can select any color set and also change the color theme of various email template elements. We’ve kept an open room, thus allowing you to rebrand your email templates as per your business theme.
  • V7347.png

SMS Notifications

With affordable SMS rates, using SMS delivery channels for notification is a fascinating option. As SMSs work as a push to devices, your customers will not have to check their ‘My Account’ section for any updates or notifications. SMS has now become the best channel to tie everything together.

Keeping all the feasibility options and advantages in mind, we have provided an SMS section wherein you can set various SMS Notification instances.

For every SMS Notification, you have to write your content using the variables given.


The dashboard will display all the SMS Notifications added by you. You can anytime edit the already created SMS Notification.

Add SMS Notification

To add an SMS Notification, go to –

Home >> Content Management >> Email/SMS Notifications >> SMS Notifications >> Add SMS Notification


Select Email Template – You’ll find a list of pre-defined email subjects. These are the frequently used occasions Admins generally send a notification to their customers. Select an email template for which you want to create a message.

Message Content – This is the body of SMS Notification. Enter a precise message for your customers as the character limit of an SMS is 160 only. You can also make use of variables given in ‘Help Content’, to compose your message.

Admin Notification – You can add comma separated phone numbers to receive a copy of this notification.

SMS Test

To test the SMS gateway configuration click on the SMS Test button.

A Pop-up will appear on the screen you can enter the mobile number and the text for testing the connection.


Note – This will not send an SMS but a mail will be triggered on the email ID entered by you in the gateway configuration screen so that you can test the parameters entered are proper.

Automatic Email Reminder

Setup Mailgun Automated Emails4.png

Auto Email reminders can be sent to customers or admin based on different scenarios as below:

  • Unordered products are still in their shopping cart. (EMAIL_REMINDER_USER_BASKET_ACTIVITY).
  • It’s been long since they have logged into your website.  (EMAIL_REMINDER_USER_ACCOUNT_ACTIVITY).
  • Reminder to enter feedback for completed orders. (EMAIL_REMINDER_ORDER_FEEDBACK_ACTIVITY).
  • Admin users can be sent to you or other admin users for product stock report. (EMAIL_REMINDER_STOCK_REMINDER_NOTIFICATION_ADMIN)
Note - None of the email reminder services will be active at first. To use the services, please ensure the 'Mailgun' external service is configured with your website. To activate any of the email reminder statuses, please contact your OnPrintShop support consultant.

Admin can even set frequency, like the number of days’ interval at which email reminder should be sent for the above scenarios. Such reminders can be configured using the ‘Email Marketing Reminder’ sub-section added in Content Management Module.

‘Mailgun’ integration would be mandatory for sending ‘Reminder Emails’, you can enter its API key as well as other necessary details under the ‘External Service Settings’ section in the admin panel.

Action Menu

Edit – This will load the default content of the email. You can make content changes according to your business needs and variable usage.

Reminder Settings – These emails are sent on schedule i.e. after a certain time interval. Thus, we have given Admin the flexibility to add the interval and set the number of notifications to be sent. As stores work on a different business model, we have given an option to choose the customer type.