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Designer Studio Module72

Designer Studio Enhancements

Regional Language Font Support

OnPrintShop platform is multilingual, and you had the privilege to add a selection of premium fonts into the system.

  • The initial selection of font covers a broad range of use cases, but due to technical limitations, there was no exemption to add regional fonts or use them perfectly in the Designer Studio. If any regional fonts were added they often missed their shape and characteristics.
  • Addressing this concern, we are now providing a setting that will allow your customers to design well using Regional Language Fonts.   
  • Go to, Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Fonts >> Add Client Font
  • The Shaping setting will help you maintain the integrity of each regional font and help your customers create a product design depending upon the Shaping Option (font type) chosen from the dropdown.


Mobile-friendly Theme For Mobile Users

Mobile-friendly themes have the component that makes a business reach the targeted audiences in a more prominent manner. We dug deeper into the importance of mobile themes and realized that mobile-friendly themes are essential and complement the everyday task.

Now, the Designer Studio will have a separate mobile theme. Thus allowing your customers to create their product design on the go from their mobile devices.

DesignerStudio MultipleMobileTheme.jpg

We have developed responsive themes that detect the user’s device and display and provide seamless and consistent design experience.

  • Following the development, we have added a Designer Studio Setting - Mobile Theme Enabled in the General Block of the Designer Studio Settings.
  • Follow the path-
  • Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Settings >> ‘General’ Tab >> ‘Mobile Theme Enabled’ setting


  • The setting will be enabled by default. Admin will get the option to disable it as per their usage and requirements.

Reuse Saved Events and Occasions in Calendar

Calendars are a perfect way to remember birthdays, anniversary, holidays and other important days, but earlier the public events were only added by the Admin and saved in the system.

Now we have extended this feature, where a customer can also enter their private events as earlier but now the system will save these private dates and events. These personal events will be available as a checkbox list when a customer selects to personalize a new calendar template.

  • The private events added by the customer will now be stored in a table and stored for every customer. Whenever a user logs in and tries to personalize the template, the table with all the private events added by them will be displayed under the ‘Private’ tab of the designer studio.
  • Customers can now check and uncheck the Private Events to add in the calendar, thus reducing their effort of entering private events again and again.

Curved Text Along a Path

In the latest update, we are introducing a new feature – Curve Text.

  • This effect will curve or bend the text around any shape. If you want the text to circle the shape, you can also do it with this feature.
  • Admin will find an option named – Text Path in-text palette. This option will display for about 20 shapes and paths. Using any of the options you can customize your text and create a design.
  • You can anytime choose to remove curve path for the text.


Cutmark and Crop Mark Logic Improvision

Our current system had ‘Cut Mark in Image’ logic for the Upload Center Proof. However, the image generated after uploading showed some strange behavior as the preview was generated on the bases of uploaded file height and width. 

Go to – Admin >> Product >> Choose Any Product >> ‘Action’ Dropdown >> ‘Settings’ >> ‘Upload’ Tab

  • We aim to introduce a new functionality of display crop marks/cut margins on the preview for upload center flow. Thus, the Upload Center Proof dropdown will have 2 new options in it namely – Crop Mark in Image and Cut Margin & Crop Marks in Image.


  • The preview generated on the image will be affected by the above setting and the crop/cut marks will be shown based on the selection made.


  • If the system fails to generate the image preview of certain files like RAR files, then the file icon along with the extension and name of the file will be displayed.


  • The cut margin or crop marks will always be display based on actual size. The Canvas size will not get changed based on the uploaded image. It will get fixed based on the DPI set in product preview settings. If the image is small then it will get stretched.

Preview Without Cut Margin

Our current system features JPEG preview without cut-margin only for the photobook and calendar product. For the standard products, the preview was generated from the server-side and thus we were unable to create JPEG preview without cut margin.

In our release, we have improved the logic by creating trim boxes for the cut margin provided in the Designer Option. We will crop these trim boxes and show the design preview without a cut margin.

  • This setting will only work for JPEG preview of the image only & not for pdf preview.
  • The setting is available on request. The technical team will guide you for further processes.
  • The JPEG preview without cut margin works for all types of products and in all the designer studios – Browse Design, Custom Design, Upload Center Proof, and for PDF Block Template. 
  • The downloaded print-ready image will always be displayed with a cut margin or whatever is the option selected from the store configuration.

Minor Enhancements

Set Image Label in PDF Block Template

Just like the Text Blocks of PDF Block Templates had titles, the Image Blocks will also have titles or labels. Thus, making every image block uniquely identifiable from other image blocks.

  • Following the development, we have added a new column named ‘Title’ in the Manage Block Fieldsof the Image Blocks tab. Follow the path –

    Admin >> Templates >> PDF Block Templates >> Action Menu >> Manage Blocks option >> Image Block tab

  • Version7228.png

  • The titles added for the Image Blocks will be displayed in the Designer Studio as shown below –
  • Version7229.png

Calendar Product Layout Style Enhancement

With the new enhancements in Calendar templates, Admin can modify the font/style/color of the month title and year separately by using a box-wise layout.

Earlier, there were limitations in modifying the font/style/color of the same. The Admin was bound to apply the same styles on month as well as on year titles. Now, they’ll find an open room to apply a style.

  • In the Designer Studio while customizing the Calendar Template, when a customer clicks to ‘Edit Month Layout’ then they’ll find this new feature added in the Month Title tab.


  • Here, the Admin will find three drop-down namely – Left Box, Center Box, and Right Box. They can now have separate styles and contents for each of the boxes.

    For example, they can have Year in the Left Box and Month Title in the Right Box and apply different font types, color and sizes for each box.

Zoom Effect On Hover Of Template

We have added a mouse-hover feature in the Designer Studio. Now, the customers will get a provision to get an enlarged view of the Studio Templates in the Designer Studio. Our previous systems had no such provisions.

Whenever the end customer opens the Template Tab, they’ll get an enlarged view of each template on Mouse Hover. This will give customers a clear and concise view of each template, wherein they can compare designs and design upon a perfect template for their product design.

Earlier, to check the template design customers were forced to apply the template on the canvas and check further the design compatibility.


Image Sorting and Autofill in Photobook

Placing every picture in a Photobook can be a tedious task to do. With the Autofill feature, the system will automatically place your photos in your photobook pages in the chosen order.

  • You can choose the order of photos to be entered into the photobook using the dropdown provided. Then simply select the select "Autofill" to let the designer studio place your selected photos in a matter of seconds.


  • The Autofill pop-up will confirm customer about the placement of their photos i.e. they can add the new (newly added photos) photos to the existing project or restart the project from scratch.
  • One can anytime choose to fill the photos manually.


Check Font and Mask Error Log

Earlier Admin was not informed about font file missing error or mask image missing error. That errors were skipped and the Admin remained uninformed till the printing started.

  • Now we have added a PDFLIB error log in the Log Section, this will record any error occurring due to missing font file and mask image and other errors.  
  • To get the PDPLib error log, follow the path – Admin >> Reports >> Log >> Site Log >> Select File Log as pdflib error


Download Calendar and Photobook’s Print-Ready File(in Admin Panel)

A print-ready file allows a printer to produce your project quickly and efficiently. For Calendar and Photobook products we always had the ‘Download File’ option from the Action Menu to download the Print Ready File.

As the files were greater in size the system sometimes malfunctioned and was unable to create a perfect print-ready file. However, we have now written a login which will help Admin produce high-resolution printed output, without requiring any additional alteration or intervention.

  • We have now provided a provision to download individual PDF files for photobook and calendar product orders from the View/Update Order page.

For Photobook Product


For photobook product, there will be two links "Download Cover Pages" and "Download Inner Pages"

For Calendar Product –


Uniform Designer Studio Theme

Now, Designer Studio’s custom theme will be applicable for all the products of designer studio - business card, photobook, calender,etc.

Photobook Cropmark Enhancement

Removed extra crop-mark in the photo book product. Earlier different logics were used to display the crop-marks on the photobook product with and without a spine. This created a lot of confusion in the design of the product. To remove this barrier we have now improved the crop mark logic.

Set uniform scaling of clipart

Provision to configure the uniform scaling of clipart that too specific to clipart. Also, the provision to lock the uniform scaling, allowing your customers to use clipart as per their need.

Share Product Design

Provide the provision to your customers to share their customized template design preview with their friends via email. This will enable a share button along with the User Designs in the Customer Portfolio Page (at the front end). Customers can share the template along with a personalized message. This setting is controlled by a site variable, contact the technical team for the same.