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Designer Studio Enhancements91

Designer Studio Enhancements

Enhanced Artwork auto-resize feature on upload center

In this enhancement, we have added the new precise artwork fill settings – 1. Load actual image size, 2. Fit to the canvas with aspect ratio, 3. Fill to the canvas with aspect ratio and 4. Fill to canvas without aspect ratio to the “Image Load Options” for all the options of Upload Center Proof except “None”:

UploadCenterProof Enhancement.png

Here is, how the individual Image Load Options will appear in the proofing tool. We have selected the “Cut Margin & Crop Mark in Image” option:

Load Actual Image size

The image will upload with its actual size which can be larger or smaller than the selected Canvas size:

CutCrop 1stoption.png

Fit to Canvas with Aspect Ratio

The image will fit to the canvas size considering the aspect ratio. When considering the ratio for fitting, the image leaves some white space mostly on the left and right sides of the canvas:

CutCrop 2ndoption.png

Fill to Canvas with Aspect Ratio:

The image will load filling up the entire canvas considering the aspect ratio:

CutCrop 3rdoption.png

Fill to Canvas without Aspect Ratio:

The image will load filling up the entire canvas without considering the aspect ratio. In this option, there are chances of the image is being stretched:

CutCrop 4thoption.png

Master image management in the admin panel

It is easy to manage the images you have used while creating the product templates. You can view and delete them from the Admin Panel >> Designer Studio >> Images page:

MasterImages DesignerStudio.png

Crop Image Functionality Enhancement

Now, while cropping any image in the Crop editor, you will be able to see the crop coordinates which will help you to know the exact coordinate of the cropped image from the original image for future use:

CropImage Coordinate.png

Template Tab Enhancement in Designer Studio

In v9.1, we have made some enhancements in the Template tab of the Designer Studio for a better designing experience:

TemplateTabEnhancements DS.png

  • Once the customer will click on the Layout menu from the left panel, they will be able to view all the templates (depending on the product size) in the left panel.
  • The admin, as well as the customers, can filter the templates using the Category filter.
  • They can even search any particular template using the template name using the search filter.

Layer Panel Enhancement

Now, in the designer studio, we have made the layer panel resizable to avoid scrolling when having multiple layers:

LayerPanel Resizable.png

Mask Panel Enhancement

When the Mask image is applied to any image, you will be able to see the applied mask as selected in the Mask & Border panel:

MaskImage Selection Display.png

Removed Unsupported Characters

In this release and onwards, we will remove the unsupported characters from the fonts used in templates in the designer studio and the print-ready file.

Define Template Category URL

Now, the admin will have the facility to define the URL for the template categories (Mainly used for SEO purposes.)