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Designer Studio73

Designer Studio Enhancements

Apply Background to All Pages

Backgrounds play quite a vital role in creating a top-notch design. Earlier, customers or admin had to apply background, change property, etc. for each page individually.

To reduce the groundwork involved in applying the background we’ve added a new button - ‘Apply to all’ for the background images, patterns, and color.

  • This will apply the selected background with the defined properties at all the product pages i.e. not only apply the same background, color, and images but also the applied scaling, padding, opacity, and other properties will be applied to all pages in a single click.
  • This feature is made available for all kinds of product templates, products & for all designer studios (front & admin) and especially for products like Calendar and Photobook.
  • Say your Photobook has 20 pages, you simply have to set a background for a single page, apply proper scaling, padding and properties and click on ‘Apply All’, it will be applied to all 20 pages in a single click.
  • Use this and save your customer’s manual work to set background or apply color on all the pages individually in their customization.


Soft deletion of image

Till today we are working relentlessly in improving the storage optimization and memory management. We believe in minimal usage of storage and maximum site (upload/download) speed.

In this version, we have worked deliberately, towards the store of Designer Studio Images and introduce the term soft-delete. All the designer studio images now will be stored as a master image and not as a copy in any template, this will save space in the physical disk. Earlier images were stored as a copy at multiple places, which led to disk storage being occupied.

With this implementation, we introduce ‘Soft deletion’ of an image that will delete an image from the database and free the database storage space but the image will still be available in physical storage space i.e. in the templates wherever it is already used.

This practice will help you in the following ways –

  • Let you consume less server space
  • Saving a hefty amount of money spent after buying extra storage space.
  • This will optimize your site speed.
  • Decrease the load from the server.

We have also created a script for the clean up of soft-deleted images if it isn’t used in the templates.

Advance Editing Option for Mobile

Currently, we are having the functionality to lock the position of photo & text element in the mobile view of the designer studio. Extending this, we are adding a new feature of Advance Editing.

The Advance Editing will allow you to lock the position of the elements and allow/disallow to edit the element. To achieve this, we have added two new options namely No & Editable and Yes & Editable in the Studio Setting – ‘Disable object moving in mobile device’

You can control whether you want to give permission to ‘move object and edit’ or just editing of the objects and not moving.


The various options available in the settings are –

  • No – Disable the Advance Editing and allow customers to freely move and change the contents of the element.
  • Yes – Disable the Advance editing and allow the customer to change the element content by restricting the object movement.
  • No & Editable – Show the Advance Editing button but disable it (by default) till the customer clicks on it. Thus, giving customers the option to move the elements and edit their content.
  • Yes & Editable – Show the Advance Editing button and enable it (by default), thus allowing the customer to disable it later.


The advance editing button will help you restrict any unnecessary movement of the elements (in mobile view), thus leaving a minimal room for error in the product design.

Minor Enhancements

Direct access to user’s portfolio in Designer Studio

  • All the designs created by the customers are available in My Account >> My Saved Designs. If they look to use the design again they had the option to edit or create a copy. However, the designs were limited to this section. Now your customers can access their previously saved designs (i.e. their design portfolio) directly in the Designer Studio.
  • We have added a new tab in the Template Gallery of the Designer Studio called My Templates.
  • This section will include all the templates created by the customer for the selected product. Thus, eliminating the back and forth movement of the customer if they wish to edit their previous designs.


Note – Editing any template from My Templates will create a new version of the template selected. Also, the studio setting, "Template Tab - Change the Whole Template After Selection from Browse Templates Pop-up" will not be applicable for the templates in "My Templates"

Pop-up to choose start month in Calendar

  • For the calendar product, the button to change the start is available at the bottom left corner of the Designer Studio. However, this button was left out of sight sometimes and the customers were not able to use the feature.
  • Thus, for better engagement, we have added a new setting called ‘Enable month selection in pop-up’ in the Studio Setting. Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Setting >> ‘Enable month selection in pop-up’ setting


  • Enabling this setting will show a pop-up to the customer, while they land on the Designer Studio of Calendar product. With this customers will be well-aware of the changing start month feature and will be able to use it more efficiently.


Note – After closing the pop-up customer will still have the option to change the start month using the ‘Change Start Month’ button provided at the bottom left corner.

Auto-Preview Enhancement in PDF Block Template

  • In our current system, for the PDF Block templates the validation rules were applied on each action such as – Save, Update Preview, PDF Preview and Continue.
  • Also, if Update Preview was enabled with a timer, then the validation error pop-up was fired timely, thus making it difficult for the customers to fill in the details.
  • Addressing this concern, we have added a setting that will not fire the validation error pop-up on Update Preview and Auto Preview actions.
  • To enable the setting go to, Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Setting >> Block Studio tab >> ‘Enable Skip Validation On Update/Auto Preview’ setting. Enabling this setting will show the validation error only Save and Continue actions.
Note – The left panel validation messages will not get affected due to this.

Included textbox along with sliders for pattern

  • Backgrounds are one of the most essential elements in designing. Learning the importance and the usage of background elements, we have added text boxes along with the Adjust pattern and Padding sliders.
  • These textboxes will help you adjust the background pattern and give padding more easily and efficiently.
  • V7368.png

Font Resize without aspect ratio

Till now, the text field in the designer studio possessed scalable properties meaning when the text field was resized i.e. its size was increased or decreased the font size used to change at a scalable rate.

Customers were not able to resize the text field without letting the font size stay in place because the text font size was dependent on the field size. This in some or the other way hindered in creating a perfect design in the designer studio.

  • Addressing this concern we’ve added a new setting in a design studio called Enable Scalable Text. Go to, Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Setting.


  • Disable the setting. This will allow the customer to stretch that text object like other objects without increasing the font size. Thus, the font size and text element size are independent of each other.


Resize Calendar Product’s Master Template

  • We always keep up with the printing market trends and happenings and with our latest analysis we realized that there are new size standards followed for the calendar.
  • Thus, we have resized all the calendar master templates design to 8.5 X 11 inches and our default calendar product will also follow the same size convention.