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Designer Introduction


We’ve always tried to improve the software and allow you to make the most out of it. For the print industry, the most important element is product design. In an attempt to make your customers’ experience more interactive we have introduced a Designer Marketplace Module.

We provide you with a great opportunity to offer your customers exclusive designs & print, in your existing OnPrintShop Solution. We have a platform where you can manage all the registered designers and set up their commission. Using the online platform, designers can easily create product-specific premium designs. End customers can select products and designs, as well as further personalize it and get it printed.

Some features of Designer Marketplace are –

Designers Landing Page

  • Create and manage landing pages with banners, and designers’ bio, etc.
  • Easily create Product Specific Personalized Templates.
  • Set-up Template Specific Cost.
  • View commission details.

Admin Designers’ Management

  • Easy designer registration from Admin and website.
  • Set-up pricing & commissions with different price calculation types.
  • Designer approval process via customized email templates.
  • Allocate product categories to the designers.

Designer Introduction1.png