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Designer Get Started

Get Started with Designer Marketplace

To enable the designer marketplace, connect with the technical team. We have two options in which you can operate the marketplace –

  • Only manage it from the Admin Panel, here no customer can request you to be a designer on your website. Adding or deleting the designer’s profile truly remains in your hand.
  • Make the designer option public, here anybody accessing the front store can put up a designers’ request and you (Admin) can approve/reject their request. Also, you can add designers from the Admin Panel itself.

We’ll know more about the two options more in the below document.

Once the feature is enabled there will be a new Business Partner added – Designers.

Designer Get Started2.png

Adding a designer from Admin Panel –

Go to, Admin >> Business Partners >> Designers >> +Add

You’ll have to fill the designer details in two sections, first is the designer details (username, password, URL, etc.) and second is the Payment Details.

In the designer details, if the designer is an existing customer then select the option

Existing Website Customer

, next search for the customer using their email and system will auto-fill the name and email fields. Then fill the other details such as password, nickname, and URL.

Designer Get Started3.png

The second section is where you need to fill the payment details for the designer, set profile picture (if any), upload banner, and save the changes made.

Designer Get Started4.png

How customer can send designer requests from the front store?

Just like Admin adds a designer, a customer also gets an option to submit a designer request from the front side.

  • While registering they can tick the checkbox ‘I am a Designer’ on the Registration Page.
  • Designer Get Started5.png

  • Or else registered customers can check their profile and register as a designer. Under My Profile just click on the ‘I am a Designer’ checkbox. The Admin will then receive the request via email and can approve/reject the request.
  • Designer Get Started6.png