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Customize Preview

3D Package Customization and Preview

Product Selection and Customization

Once the customer lands on the Product Listing page, they’ll get the option to choose products from Product Box, Mailer Box, or Shipping Box.

After the selection of the package box, they can either customize the design or upload their design for the selected box using the Custom Design and Upload Design buttons respectively.


The Custom Design button will direct them to Designer Studio where they can customize the outside as well as inside of the selected package box whereas the Upload Design button will take them to the next page (Upload Design page) where they need to upload their designs or they can select ‘Upload Artwork Later’ to skip this step and add the product in the cart.

Designer Studio

When the customer selects the Custom Design button from the Product Listing page, it will redirect them to the Designer Studio.

In the Designer Studio, the customers will see the selected product’s layout for design along with the 3D preview of the product. The customers can add a background, images, texts, clipart, etc. to give the product their brand look and get the visualization of the changes in real-time.

Packaging 3D Preview.gif