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Customer Reports

Customers are an integral part of any eCommerce business. In this section, you can access detailed reports about your customers. These reports will help you analyze some important insights about your customers including their number of orders, their pay-on-account details, login date and count, number of items in their cart, their outstanding invoice amount, and more.

Report Field Setting - There are a few fields that one can view and there are others that can be only downloaded into an excel file. With Report Fields Settings we’ll allow Admin to choose the report fields they wish to view and the fields to export.

  • Each report page contains a button called “Manage fields”. Clicking it will open a popup – Report Field Setting, containing a list of all table fields of the respective report file.
  • Along with the table field, we have added checkboxes. Check/uncheck the fields that you look forward to viewing into the reports and download later.
  • Admin Section7467.png

  • The system will only show the data of the selected field name, thus allowing you to personalize your reports according to your sales needs.

Follow the article below to understand the fields of each customer report –

Customer Order Summary

This report provides you with information related to the customer’s order. The report is generated based on date range, order status, and customer type. The customer type can be store, default store or any user group created.

  • The report contains customer information (name, email and user type), number of orders placed within the selected time range, total orders amount, tax amount, shipping amount, discount applied (if any), payment processing fees (if any), and total price (including tax, shipping, and discount).
  • On clicking Order Count Link, it redirects to the Sales Order Detail report page. Total order counts and pricing are displayed at the top of the report.


Pay On Account

This report provides information about the pay on account of customers. To generate report select date and customer type.

  • In return, the system will generate a report containing information about the pay on account of customers, such as a number of orders, debits, credits, outstanding amount, total limit and remaining credit balance.
  • Clicking on the customer’s name will redirect to their Manage Credit/Debit page to view further details.
  • A total number of orders, Debit amount, Credit amount, outstanding amount, Total Limit and Remaining Credit Balance of report displays at the top of the report.


Customer Details

This report provides detailed information about customers. It can be generated for both default store and store customers.

  • Report information varies based on the selection of date range, total order amount, number of orders, number of templates and total items in the cart.
  • You get to filter customers based on their registration date and last login date.
  • Report contains customers' registration date, last login details, total order amount, number of orders, number of templates and number of items in cart.
  • On clicking template count link will open Customer Templates Section. Clicking on order count will redirect to Sales Order Details report.