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Customer Templates

Customer Templates

Admin > Customer > Customer Templates

This section contains a thumbnail preview of all the templates created by the customer from the front store.

The customer templates are divided into three broad categories – Studio Design, Upload Design, and PDF Block Design.


In the search bar, you can filter the designs according to Customer's name, email, template type, and products.

Also, you’ll find a quick link to the customer's details who created the template, wherein you can view their orders, other templates and also log in to the customer’s account.


At the quick view, you can check the template name, template type, date on which the template was created, and the product associated with the template.

Using the quick action button, get links to edit a design, download the design or delete the template.


Templates created by website customers will be displayed in this section even after they check out or log out from your system. But if a guest customer checks out, then their templates will be automatically deleted from this section and will only be available in List Orders Section.