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FAQ:Customer Management

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Customer Management

1. Customer Management

1- 1. What is Customer Management?

In this module you will be able to manage your storefront/website customers. You can add/edit/delete your website from the admin panel. You can give special access to your special customers. You can view/edit/delete the templates created by the customers when they use your designer studio.

1- 2. Who can create a customer account in my print storefront/website?

Customer can self-register in your Public Store via Customer Registration form. If you are offering Private Stores to your B2B/Store Customer then you can create user accounts via Admin Panel or B2B Admin can also create from their Admin Panel via Mass User Creation via Excel. For Private Store you can also enable User Registration form so user can self-register & gets registered to specific Private Store.

1- 3. Can I store customer details in my online print store??

Yes, you get a comprehensive customer management system to store your customer details. You can also export all the customer details in excel sheet from the admin panel.
Customer details Store.png

1- 4. What kind of customer details can I store?

You can store following customer details:

  • Images
  • QR Codes generated
  • Quotes requested & approved
  • Billing & Shipping details
  • Order status
  • Order history
  • Designs created

Customer will also have MY ACCOUNT in your Store to access all their information at anytime required.

1- 5. Who can access these customer details?

Customer himself, Store Admin in case of store customers and the Super Admin can access customer details.

1- 6. Can I edit the design created by my customer?

Yes, when your customer uses the designer studio and places an order that order will be considered as customer templates and will be saved in customer Template section. From here you will be able to make changes in the designs created by your customers.
Customers>>Customer Templates>>Action>>Edit Design
Edit customer design.png

1- 7. Can I offer something like online Wallet to my customers?

Yes, now you can attract your customers by offering wallet kind of option, wherein your customers will pay you in advance and in return you can offer him more credit and CASH BACK OFFEERS.
Customers>>Website Customers>>Pay on Balance History (top right corner)
Admin Website Customers payon recharge-1.png

Payon offer.png

Can set the Pay on Balance Offer and Pay on Cashback offer.
The customers will pay (add money) via online payment method (only) in your account.
You have to enable this option from store configuration settings.
Store configuration>>Settings>>Customers>>"Enable Pay on Balance For Default Store Customer At Front Side?
The cashback offer can be set only for default store customers.
You can set the Pay on offer for one or more payment methods that you offer on your storefront. The cashback will be added in the Payon Account Balance Only. The cash back will be added only once for an order and will be added only after the order status is marked as Order Completed.

1- 8. Can I give or set the cashback offer for my customers?

Yes, the cashback offer can be set for the default store customers from the admin.
Refer to above question for more details.

2. Group of Customers/Special Customers

2- 1. Can I create different groups of customers?

Yes, it’s possible to create different groups for your customers and you can assign/place the customer based on the group type, for e.g. you can create groups like Relative Groups, Friends groups etc. and place the customers in these groups accordingly.
Customer>>Website customer>>Add/Action>>Edit>>User Group
You can create new group or you can assign the customer in existing group. Groups Of Customer.png

2- 2. Can I display customer specific products and prices?

Yes, you have option the display products for All Default Stores, All Stores or Specific Stores, also you can have templates assigned to specific stores or departments, also now you have an option to create templates for a specific default store as well.

2- 3. Can I offer discounts to my customers through my online print store?

Yes, you can create coupon/discount/combo discount for your customers. You can also create coupons for specific group of customers from the admin panel. Orders>>Coupon/discount>>Add
Discoun coupons to customer.png

2- 4. Can I offer Payon Account to Public Store Customer?

Yes, you can create/set Payon and/or credit limit to your public store customers specifically and individually. You can set the payon account to each of your default store/public customer.
Customers>>Website Customers>>Action>>Edit>>Payon Account

2- 5. Can I offer Tax Exemption to some customer in Public Store?

Yes you can offer Tax exemption to any of your customers default store and store customers from
Customers>>Website Customers>>Action>>Edit>>Allow Tax Exemption

2- 6. Can I create Specific Template only visible to Specific Customer or Group in Public Store?

You can create specific templates for specific customers or specific group of customers for your public/default store store. This template will be visible to that specific customer and/or group of customers only.
Templates>>Product Template>>Add>>”Select User Type”

2- 7. Can my customers communicate with my store manager using the print store/website?

Yes, we provide a live chat facility in your print store. Your customers can use this feature to communicate with your store manager.

2- 8. Can I offer specific branding to specific store customers?

Yes you can offer websites with exclusive branding to your store clients. For more details regarding store branding please refer to store module FAQ.

2- 9. Can I issue and manage a subscription based electronic newsletter in the solution?

The solution currently does not have a bulk mailing facility for electronic newsletters. We have not included this feature in the solution for security reasons. However, you can invite subscriptions through the ‘Newsletter Subscribe’ feature of your print store and collect mailing database. Then from the store management panel you can export this data into CSV format and use it in a third party bulk mailing software such as mailchimp or mailgun or any other bulk emailing software.

3. E-mails, News Letters and Live Chat

3- 1. Can I send out email notifications to my customers for specific events?

You can send out standard email notifications like order confirmation, signup details, change in order status, etc. to your customers. In addition to these, we can custom develop specific email notifications for you.
To set/edit the email content please follow below path.
Content management>>e-mail/SMS notification>>Action>>Edit

3- 2. Can I locate where my customers are coming from?

We can provide you a geo postal code integration which will help you locate where your customers are coming from. Also we have created a variable in the customer signing e-mail, which will gather the ip address of the customer, so you will be able to identify from where your customers are coming. Also you can set the Google analytics for more analysis.
Customer Location.png

3- 3. Do you have any standard live chat support tool that you integrate in the print store or do I have to provide you the same Is this additionally charged?

Yes, we have list of live chat providers. You can create your account in one of the providers. There are few free and few paid live chat providers. After you create an account with them, they will provide you the code, that code you have to save in the notepad and send that notepad to support@onprintshop.com. We will integrate that on your website.
This service is NOT chargeable; however, if you have some different live chat provider then our technical team will check the feasibility of integration on your website and it may be chargeable.
To get the list of live chat providers, please send us an e-mail at support@onprintshop.com.

3- 4. Can I change the availability status of service representative in live chat support tool?

Yes, you can set the status of your service representative as online or offline in live chat support tool.

3- 5. Can I add images to my email notifications?

Yes, you can add images to the email notifications. Add image email.png

3- 6. Is it possible that my sub admins will be able to see only customer details and not the customer’s login details like username and password?

We offer you role based admin management wherein you as super admin can define such roles from where you can restrict the access of different modules to the sub admin
Admin>>Group Roles>>Add/Action>>Edit

3- 7. What is Public/Default Store Store & Store/Private Store?

The Public/Default Store store is your website store which is visible to everyone on the internet. Anyone from anywhere can visit your website and can surf.
The Store/Private store is store you create for your private/store clients. The products, templates, etc. will only be visible and accessible to your store clients and not to everyone.