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Custom Art Logo Maker Front

Getting Started with Custom Art Maker

We provide an easy configuration for the Custom Art Maker. To get this enabled, please contact our support team or write us at – support@onprintshop.com

Once enabled, go to Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Setting >> General Tab

Here, you’ll find a setting ‘Enable Custom Art Maker in Left Panel & Popup’, enable it.


Now, your customers will see the Customer Art Maker pop-up whenever they land on the Designer Studio page.

In this pop-up, the customers will get three options

  • To create new artwork.
  • To view the previously saved artworks.
  • Ignore the pop-up (custom art maker) and continue designing.


Create a new artwork

Clicking on the Try It button will redirect your customer to the custom art maker pop-up.

  • Here, at first, customers can choose a design color for their artwork. We have provided 100 different colors for the customers to choose from. Whenever color is selected from the swatches then they’ll (customer) will get an instant preview of the color selected.
  • CustomArtMaker4.png

  • In the next step, your customer can enter text/slogans for the artwork. Any text added for the designs will be blended with the artworks in the next step.
  • CustomArtMaker5.png

  • In this step, the customer can select the artwork to apply to the design canvas. Also, there are several icons that your customers can choose from and create a design. Admin can also upload these icons from the Admin Panel (explained later in the document).
  • CustomArtMaker6.png

  • Selecting an artwork from the list will demand your customers to save the artwork and then apply it to the product design or directly apply the artwork on the design.
    • Save and Apply – This will save the artwork as well as apply it on the design canvas.
    • Apply – This will only apply to the artwork.
    • Clear Existing Design – This will clear the existing canvas design.


  • When the artwork is applied on the canvas then the customer can edit it too. They can apply different colors to the different elements. For text elements, there is an open room to change the font type.
  • CustomArtMaker8.png

  • To do this,
    • Start by ungrouping the elements.
    • Next, select an element to change the color or font type.
    • To move the elements unlock them and move them to the required position.
  • CustomArtMaker9.png

Now, customers can finish their design and continue with placing the order.

My Saved Artworks

When a customer clicks on the My Saved Artworks button, they see an Image Gallery pop-up containing all their previously saved artworks.

From here a customer can perform the following actions –

  • View their saved artworks.
  • Use (edit/delete) their saved artworks.
  • Create new artwork from scratch (using the elements provided).
  • Go to custom art maker.


Creating New Artwork from Scratch

When a customer clicks on the ‘Create Artwork’ button, as shown above, they’ll be redirected to a studio page. This web page will allow them to create artwork from scratch.

They can use several design elements such as – text, shapes, clip arts, or the previously created layouts and create new artwork.


Note – The layout tab will only list the layouts/artworks created and saved by the particular customer.
  • Once done click on ‘Save’.
  • Enter the design name and save.


The created artwork will now be listed under the ‘My Saved Artwork’ section, as shown below –