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Create Templates

Create Templates

You can also design templates for your Photobook products. The process is similar to the standard products.

  • Go to,Admin >> Templates >> Product Templates >> ‘+Add’ button
  • Enter the template’s details such as name, category, product type, product and color filter. Also, provide a suitable title and choose the duplicate product (if any).
  • You can also specify a page layout category as a default layout category of the Photobook template in the Designer Studio. All the page layout categories assigned to the product will be listed here, you can select a category to be selected by default in the Layout tab in the Designer Studio.
  • Note – For Photobook we only provide customizable and PDF block template type. 
  • Click on ‘Save and Continue’.

This will redirect you to the Designer Studio. There you can create Photobook    design using various tools such as text element, image element, clip art, background, and layouts.

The templates will appear at the front side in the following manner –

Create Templates8.png

Your customers can choose one template and continue to design or make their design from scratch.

Designer Studio Features (Specific for Photobook)

The designer studio for Photobook has many more features that a regular OPS designer studio.

In the studio, you can add images, autofill them, edit the picture, apply span, increase/decrease its size with/without uniform scaling, control opacity, set alignment, and more.

You can also add text fields into the template set text style, text effect, font type, size and more.

Create Templates9.png

Some of the key features are listed below –


Earlier, while creating templates Admin or the designer was forced to place every picture into the photobook pages. To address this lacking we introduced the Autofill feature in Designer Studio.

  • To use this feature all you have to do is create image placeholders i.e. add any layout to each of the photobook pages.
  • Next, is to upload all the images to be used in the photobook either via My Computer, or any social media site (Facebook, Pixabay, Depositphotos, Instagram, etc.).
  • Using the sorting feature provided at the left panel sort your picture in a sequential manner they should be added in the Photobook Template. Next, click the Autofill button.

    Create Templates10.png

  • This will automatically add all the images sequentially (as chosen by you) into the image placeholders.

Layout Selection

To complete the template design you can choose various layouts and apply them on various cover pages and inner pages. This will ease out your process and help in easy autofill of images.

All the layouts appear under the layouts tab (in the left panel) of the designer studio.

Create Templates11.png

If you have categorized your layouts, then apply the filter and choose the best layout for the photobook pages.

Create Templates12.png


At the studio, you get the option to set background at each of the Photobook pages. Also, there are three lock background properties provided –

Create Templates13.png

  • Single side background – this will apply the background only on the selected page of the Photobook.
  • Both side background – this will apply the background on both the pages of the Photobook.
  • Stretch background – this will stretch the background image and fit into both the pages of Photobook.

    Create Templates14.png


This will fully extend the image from end to end; thus acquiring the full amount of space that it will cover on the photobook canvas.

Create Templates15.png

Spine features

When you add new pages into the Photobook then, the system automatically calculates the spine width (if the spine is set as dynamic) and the spine area will adjust.

This will help you in designing better and effectively manage the spine section.

Create Templates16.png


  • Lock pages – If you want to create fixed marketing pages and not allow the customer to edit that page, in such cases, you can lock a few pages of your photo book template. With this, the customer will only be able to view the page and not be able to edit it. To lock any page, select the page and click on the lock icon shown as below –
  • Create Templates17.png

  • Add Pages – You can add pages to the photobook till the maximum pages defined in the Designer Options section. This will add blank pages to your photo book design.
  • Create Templates18.png

  • Delete Pages – You can delete the extra pages of a photobook with a two-step confirmation, till the number of default pages mentioned in the Designer Section.
  • Create Templates19.png

  • Move Pages – You can move the pages of photobook freely to any position using this feature.
  • Create Templates1920.png

  • Duplicate – This will create a duplicate of the pages selected.