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Create Mailing Products

Create Mailing Products

If you wish to offer any product with mailing services, then to show them right at the front store you’ll need to configure it carefully from the Admin Panel.

The most common types of products offered in mailing services are brochures, letters, flyers, newsletters, catalogues, postcards, coupon envelopes, and packages.

Set Product Service

To add a mailing product into your system, go to – Admin>> Product >> ‘+Add’ button (top-right corner)

Under the Configuration section, select the Product Service Type.

Create Mailing Products2.png

  • Printing – This will be considered a normal product without any mailing service.
  • Mailing List – Here, your customer will get a chance to purchase a mailing list from the Mail List Service Provider.
    Note: This option will only appear if you have the USA-DATA service enabled into your system. Contact the technical team for more information.
  • Printing & Mailing – Adding a product as printing & mailing will allow a customer to place a print order of the product and opt for the mailing services simultaneously.
  • Mailing Only – If any product is print-ready and ready to mail, then use this option. Customers will get to enter the product quantity and they opt for the mass mailing service to get the product delivered at their desired addresses (mailing list).
  • Printing & Mailing (Optional) – Here, a customer can avail of printing service but the mailing service will be kept optional, and the customer can skip the service if not required.

Set Mailing Price

Once, the product service type is set as a mailing product, there’ll be a new tab available in the product to set mailing prices.

In the mailing prices section set the prices. Depending upon the product quantity range you can define the prices for mailing service. Click on the +Add Price button to add ranges, we’ve kept the price range open, thus allowing you to add prices as per your business model.

Note: This is the per quantity price of the mailing product.

Create Mailing Products3.png

Set Postage Class

The Postal Service divides mail into different services, called "classes." Each class of mail has different features, service levels, postage prices, and pre-sort requirements.

For most of the mailings, the content of the material and postage will determine the class of mail your customers’ select. Different classes use include different things like what can be mailed, the minimum and maximum weights and sizes, and the number of pieces needed for commercial prices.

Some examples of postage classes are Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, Periodicals, etc.

In our system you can add postage class from – Admin >> Product >> Mailing Price >> Postage Class tab.

Create Mailing Products5.png

Click on the Add New Postage Class button to add various classes. Enter the name of the class, enable the status, and if the class is of EDDM then enable the EDDM toggle.

Create Mailing Products4.png

Note: These postage classes will be available for all mailing products, depending on your product offering you can determine the prices of each class for different products.
Also, there is a setting to control the display and calculation of the Mailing Price for the EDDM service. System will just include/exclude mailing the EDDM price while calculating total at the time of order placement. You can choose whether or not to display the mailing price for EDDM Service. Contact the technical team for support.

Mailing Setting

There are several settings for the mailing module which will enable you to manage and customize the mailing service for your customers.

Create Mailing Products6.png

The mailing settings are –

  • Common Printing and Mailing Quantity – If this toggle is enabled then the printing quantity will be considered as the mailing quantity. Customers will not get an extra textbox to define a mailing quantity.
  • Create Mailing Products7.png

  • Mailing Date – This is the date when the ordered product will get mailed from your store. By default, the system will display and an auto-calculated date. However, customers can anytime change the date by clicking on the calendar.
    NOTE: Some dates are disabled depending upon your store’s holidays and non-business days.
  • Create Mailing Products8.png

  • Mailing List Provider – This will allow customers to buy a mailing list as per their requirement from any mailing list service provider like – USA DATA.
  • EDDM Mailing List – This will allow customers to buy a mailing list from EDDM.
  • Upload Mailing List – Instead of buying any mail list if the customer wishes to upload their mail list, then this setting will allow them to do so.