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Create Layouts

Create Layouts

These layouts appear in the layout section, of the designer studio. This will be helpful to the customers as they’ll get a proper structure to insert their pictures into the Photobook. All the layouts will appear in this section. Let’s see how to create a layout -

Create Layouts5.png

  • To create a Layout, go to – Admin >> Templates >> Product Templates >> Page Layouts >> ‘+Add’ button (top-right corner)
  • To create a Page Layout Category, go to – Admin >> Templates >> Product templates >> Page Layouts >> +Page Layout Category. Give a title for a page layout category and click on Save.
  • Enter the page layout details such as title, and select the product type and the layout type.
  • In the Layout Type, you can choose to create the layout for Cover Page or Inner Page.
  • We have added a setting – ‘Enable side-specific page layouts’ in the Designer Studio Settings. Go to, Admin >> Designer Studio >> Studio Settings >> ‘General’ tab >> Enable side-specific layout
  • 89.png

  • This will allow you to create side-specific layouts.When Layout Type is selected as Inner Page then, Admin can set Layout Side.
    • Left – Left side page layout.
    • Right – Right side page layout.
    • Both – The page layout that applies to both sides of pages of inner pages - left and right.
  • Click on ‘Save & Continue’. This will redirect you to the designer studio. 
  • Here you can use various text and image placeholders and create a layout for your inner or cover page.

    Create Layouts6.png

  • The layout will be added to the Page Layouts section in the following manner.
  • Create Layouts7.png