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Create Front Store

Front Store

When the customer lands on the Multiple Photo(s) or Split Photo Canvas product they will be requested to choose a layout from the once created in the previous step.


Canvas Product Page

  1. Next, the customer has to upload the image file. They either choose from ‘My Images’ or upload a picture from the Image Gallery or they can opt to upload the image file from the local system (My Computer).
    • If the customer lands on Multiple Photo(s) Canvas they will upload separate artwork (images) for each art-pieces of the whole product.
    • If the customer lands on Split Photo Canvas customer will upload only a single artwork (image) print for the whole product. Once the image is uploaded it’ll automatically split over the individual art-pieces.

    Front Store23.png

  2. Using the edit button, the customer can crop the image and select the portion to appear on the canvas. For preview, we have a setting where you can upload a set of scenarios in which the canvas would look. This will enhance the look and feel of the canvas product for the customer. Please contact the technical team for the same.
  3. Front Store22.png

  4. Any event selected such as Border Thickness, Edge design, etc., will be applied to all the art pieces.
  5. Customers can anytime choose to change their canvas layout using the ‘Select Layout’ button.

Product Image of Multiple Photo Canvas

Front Store21.png