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Create A Clip Art Image

Creating a ClipArt Image

In the Designer Studio settings on the Admin Panel, you can upload Clip Arts for your customer. This helps them to create design in a more enhanced way.

On the Admin Panel, the system allows only to upload .SVG files as Clip Art.

What are .SVG files?

SVG is a vector format that describes images as shapes, paths, text, and filter effects. These files are compact and provide high-quality graphics. The SVG images magnify their view on-screen without sacrificing the sharpness, detail or clarity. The SVG format is entirely XML based.

What are the advantages of SVG files?

  • They give high-quality graphics.
  • Magnify without sacrificing sharpness.
  • No loss in details and clarity.
  • Offers superior support for text and colors.

How to Create a Clip Art (.SVG file) in Adobe Illustrator? (Single Color)

Step – 1 Create your Clip Art using various shapes.

The below example is a Clip Art of the cloud. For the cloud shape, there are a number of circles created that lead to the formation of cloud shape.

Enable Path Finder from Ctrl + Shift + F9 or go to, Windows > Path Finder.

Step – 2 Merge All the Shapes

  • Press Ctrl + A to select all the shapes.
  • Click on Pathfinder Tool to create a compound shape and add to shape area.


Step – 3 Create a Compound Path

After merging all the shapes made a Compound Path for the shape i.e. the SVG path.

  • Go to, Objects > Compound Path > Make
  • To save the files in .SVG format export the files as SVG.


The .SVG exported is ready for upload into the designer studio of the Admin Panel as a Clip Art.

To upload a .SVG file into the Admin Panel go to, Admin> Designer Studio > Images > ‘Clip Art’ Tab > ‘Add’ Button

The above example shown was of a Clip Art with a single color. Shown below is an example where the Clip Art has two different fill colors, like a flower.

How to Create a Clip Art (.SVG file) in Adobe Illustrator? (Multi-Color)

Note - If there are 10 paths or less in a clip art then only there will be an option to change color. Also, we don't support color gradient in clip art fill property.

Step – 1 Create a Shape

  • Draw an image with more than one color fill.
  • Enable Path Finder from Ctrl + Shift + F9 or go to, Windows > Path Finder.


Step – 2 Create Path

  • The example shows a flower where petals are of a different color than the center of the flower.
  • Thus, to create a path there is a need to merge both the entities separately and then create a Compound Path.
  • Select all the petals of flowers.
  • Go to Object > Compound Path > Make


  • Now, select the centre portion of the flower and go to, Object > Compound Path > Make


Step – 3 Save the SVG File

  • To save the SVG file, go to File > Export > Export as


  • In the Save As Dialog box, enter the file name.
  • In the ‘Save as Type’ section, enter the file format as SVG (*.SVG).


  • In the SVG Options dialog box, enter the Decimal as 2 and look for other settings.


Using similar steps, you can create SVG files for other Clip Arts. In case of any query, please connect with the OnPrintShop support team.

Note - If you have the same color with multiple objects then, merge those paths to have a single color picker.