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Corporate Pay On Account

Pay On Account

Admin >> Corporate Management >> 'Action' Dropdown >> 'Manage Payon Account' Option

This section will only appear if in Corporate Setting 'Pay On Account' is selected as - Corporate wise or Customer wise.


If Pay On Account is Managed 'Corporate Wise'

At-a-glance you can view the account details with the Remaining Paid Limit and Remaining Invoice Limit. After the corporate customer has paid their outstanding payment, Admin can credit back the difference amount from here and revive their pay on account limit. The changes will take immediate effect for that particular corporate only.

Using the Pay on Account Section and Credit Amount for Multiple Corporate Admin can credit the paid amount and even register an outstanding amount.


If Pay On Account is Managed 'Customer Wise'

When the customer wise setting is done from the Corporate Setting section then the Admin will be able to view customer wise pay on limit in the grid format.


Click on the Customer's Name to get the list of transactions made by a particular customer. From the 'Pay On Account' section Admin can register a paid amount from the customer.


Example: If Pay on account limit for a corporate is $1000 of which they have used $800. Now when they make the payment for it, then their credit limit is revived back to $1000. From Account Details, you can view the transaction records or avail them in an excel sheet by clicking on Export Account History.