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Store Fields

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Store Fields

Admin >> Store Management >> 'Action' Dropdown >> 'Store Fields' Option

Store Fields are form fields that Store Admin and Site Admin can create for their store customers. These fields can be based on individual Store or department(s) specific.

These fields will be useful in the block templates and will help you gather an individual’s personal data. Examples of such fields can be – Date of Joining, Blood Group. Information on these fields can be helpful while designing identity cards.

This form field will be available to all the Store Customers in their ‘My Account’ section. The data that customers enter in this form will be used for PDF Block personalization.

The Store Field includes all the form fields created for personalization along with details like – Fields Title, Fields Type (User-wise personalization or Template Personalization), Default Value, Block/Field name it is applicable for personalization.


Admin can create Store Fields, create Field Groups, Import User File data for the fields created, keep a record of Template Personalization fields.

Add Store Field(s)


Field Type - Select the type of field you wish to create

  • User wise Personalization fields - These type of fields are used to set Customer-Wise data. This data either can be filled by Store Admin, Site Admin, or by the Store Customer as per the setting.
  • Template Personalization (dropdown) - These type of Store fields are used to set predefined data (common for all Store Customers). Admin sets up this data and then it is available as a drop-down on block templates.
  • Understand a use-case scenario of Store Fields from here.

Title - This title will be displayed to the customer. Example of title can be Blood Group or Qualification.

Description - Enter a short description of the field. This will help Store Customer understand better the field and the data to be filled.

Block/Field Name - This will be the PDF Block name which will be linked with the field. There are a few pre-defined block names that Admin will get in suggestion while filling up this field.

User Type - From this option, you can assign the Store Field to either one or more Store or all Stores.

Available to - Select the radio button to make the field available to some particular department(s).

Note - The 'Available to' field will only appear if the User Type selected is specific Stores.

Field Group - All the fields that have been assigned the same Field Group will appear under the Field Group Name entered here. This will become useful if you want to have separate available form fields into different field blocks or groups. Such grouping will make the user interface more systematic and meaningful.


Type - Admin can create various field types to store profile like text box, radio button, drop-down, text area, upload file, and date picker.

For example, the above example shows that 'Blood Group' Store Field has textbox as its input type and 'Date of Birth' has Date Picker as its input type.

Validation - This will help you check the accuracy of the Store Field.

Field Group

Field Group will help you group similar Store Fields. Grouping of Store Fields will help you to make the user interface more systematic and meaningful.

To create a Field Group, go to Admin >> Store Management >> Store Field >> Field Group Button


Group Name - Enter the group name that is relevant and easy to understand for the Store Customers. All the fields assigned to a group will appear under this name.

Description - This is the description of the group. The aim of this description will be to define what kind of fields will appear under this Group Name.

Field Listing - this will define how the fields under a group will be listed.

It is recommended to choose the field listing option depending upon the field type size and the website design.

Import User Field Data

For all the store fields create with the Field type as - User wise Personalized Fields, Admin can import data into the system.

To import user field data, go to, Admin >> Store Management >> Choose Any Store >> ‘Edit’ Menu >> Store Field >> ‘Import Field User Data’ (top-right corner)

Note – For every store import user field data individually.


Step - 1 Select if you have data from specific departments.

Step - 2 Fill up the data using the Help provided in Admin Panel.

Step - 3 Upload the file filled with user data.

Step - 4 The system will map the uploaded data with the Store Customers and list down the wrong entries.

Step - 5 The system will show you imported data summary.

Template Personalization

This lists down all the form fields which can be used to define a personalization field. The personalized field can only be edited by Admin.

Admin can associate the personalized fields with PDF Block Templates blocks which will be used in template personalization by the store customer.


If Admin adds an address with 'Sync with Template Personalization' then that address will be reflected in Template Personalization section with the Office Name as Field Title.

Add a personalized field, with field title, user type and then fill all the details using the '+Add' Button (top-right corner).