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Core Changes80

Core Changes

The upgraded Password storage algorithm

Upgraded the algorithm for password storage as per the new server compatibility and security.

Support MD5 for customer’s password

We have added a new password encryption method – MD5.

The MD5 encryption method can be implemented via a setting, please connect with the technical team for the same. If the encryption method is MD5 then we cannot decrypt the password.

Advance Session Storage option

We will provide two advanced session storage option – Database based and Redis(Server) based. Redis is a separate server for session storage. This provision will be available only for enterprise customers that use multi-server to handle high website traffic.

Libvips Library for faster Image Processing

All the image processing operations in the OPS system are done via PHP Imagcik Library. Imagcik library not only takes more time but consumes more memory, so we have implemented the Libvips Image Library, it consumes less memory and is much faster than Imagcik.

Page Speed Optimization

We have improved page speed to load on google pages by making necessary changes like split CSS & JS, setup image height to avoid CLS, etc. This is beneficial for page ranking on Google search engine.

Mobile UI

We have made necessary modifications in Mobile UI for a better user experience.

Standard Product Order Flow without PDF Generation

Currently, for Photobook, Calendar, and Canvas Product, the print-ready file is generated when the Admin downloads the order (on click ‘Download File’ in Action menu) or moves the order to the hot folder. But for the remaining products, the PDF is generated when the customers click on ‘Continue’ in the Designer Studio.

The use-case demands the PDF be generated only in the Admin Panel when the Admin clicks on ‘Download File’ for the standard products of the OnPrintShop platform. As the PDF file generated was stored in the customer's account, which resulted in duplication and an increase in overall storage space.

Now, we have a setting that will create the PDF preview only when required or demanded to save the unnecessary storage space.