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Canvas Layouts

Canvas Page Layouts

After the wall configuration, the next step is to create layouts for all the art pieces created in the previous step.

The Admin can create the canvas layouts from Templates >> Product Templates >> Page Layouts >> +Add

Note: The creation of page layout shall only be available for the Multiple Photo(s) Canvas and Split Photo Canvas sub-type alone.
  • In the Add Page Layout page, enter the layout title. This title will be displayed along with the Wall Title at the front end.
  • V7329.png

  • Select the product type as Canvas.
  • In the ‘Select Product’ field, canvas products that are marked as multiple or split shall be listed along with their wall sizes.
  • Click on ‘Save and Continue’. The designer studio screen will allow you to organize the different art-pieces defined in the Wall Configuration Section.

Designer Studio

Below is the layout created for the Split Photo Canvas product with the Wall Size of 600 X 1000 MM. Here, according to your product layout, configure and place the art pieces in a systematic manner.


The image placeholder has the following features –

Cut from left – Unticking this will not cut the image placed by the customer on this canvas layout from the left. The image will be in continuation.

Cut from the top – Unticking this will not cut the image placed by the customer on this canvas layout from the top. The image will be in continuation.

Row and Column – For proper image placement define the row and column of the art pieces. The system will read along the rows and columns and then place the image through the various art pieces.

Similarly, you can create layouts for other Wall Configurations of Multiple and Split canvases.

Additional Preview Images

You can also upload Additional Preview images for your canvas layouts.

Canvas Layouts18.png