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Calendar Sections

Calendar Sections

These are the few calendar product aspects that you need to first accomplish, before launching it as a product on your website. The properties include – creating layouts, defining month and week names (in all the languages enabled), and adding public events to be displayed on the calendar (independence day or any other national and public holiday).

Create month/week layouts

These layouts appear in the layout section, of the designer studio. These templates will be visible only to you (Admin). Using these layout designs you can create a template design for your calendar product. Let’s see how to create a month layout with a grid layout

  • To create a layout, go to – Admin >> Products >> Calendar >> Month/week Layouts >> ‘+Add’ button.
  • Calendar Sections11.png

  • Select the type of layout i.e. month or week. Next, give a title.
  • Layout Size – Select the size of layout from predefined sizes whether it is portrait, landscape, square, etc. or you can define a custom size layout. The minimum height and width allowed in custom size layout is 200X200.
  • Click on Save and Continue.
  • This will redirect you to the Month Layout Editor.

    Calendar Sections12.png

  • In the month layout editor, you can edit the general properties of the calendar month layout, edit and format month title, week, day, weekend days and other month days.
  • Once you make any change make sure to click on the ‘Preview’ button.
  • Calendar Sections14.png

General Properties

  • Layout Style – The layout style can be list or grid. All the months’ dates will appear in a list format or grid format. (we are selecting grid for this example)
  • Calendar Sections13.png

  • No of Week Per Row – Add as many as rows you want to be shown in the month. Calendar will adjust the month’s rows into your selected layout size.
  • Margin – This will add space between the borders of the two cells of the grid.
  • Border and Border Type – Set borders for the grid and decide upon a border type such as – dashed, solid and dotted.
  • Border Width and Color – Set the width of grid borders and color.

Month Title

  • Modify the font/style/color of the month title and year separately by using a box-wise layout.
  • Calendar Sections15.png

  • The month title is divided into three sections - Left Box, Centre Box, and Right Box. They can now have separate styles and contents for each of the boxes.
  • For example, they can have Year in the Left Box and Month Title in the Right Box and apply different font types, color, and sizes for each.

Month Week – Similar to month title, you can customize the design and appearance of week titles (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). You can opt for short format names (Mon, Tue, etc.), change the start day of the week, change font size or color, and apply a background.

Month day – Set font type, style and size of the month days. Apart from this you can set label color, background color and opacity.

Weekend days – Set the weekend days into your calendar. According to your culture, traditions and functioning you can personalize the weekend days, apply different font types, set size background color and more.

Calendar Sections16.png

Other month days – These are the month days shown from the previous and last month. Usually, they are more light in color in most of the calendar designs. Here you can like other days, personalize the font, color, and background color.

Event days – Calendars are a perfect way to remember birthdays, anniversary, holidays and other important days. You can personalize the event days just like other month days.

Create month/week titles

In our system we have added standard English language month names and week names; both in long and short format.

It is also common to see the short month names in headlines or newspaper titles where space is a concern. According to your calendar design, you can choose to use the long for or the short format of the Calendar names.

Calendar Sections17.png

Accordingly, you can add months and weekdays’ name in your language. To add click on the ‘+Add’ button at the top-right corner.

Calendar Sections18.png

Select the type of title you look to add, choose the language from the dropdown and enter the month/week titles (The example above shows weekdays’ name in the French language). This will allow you to create templates on several languages and serve a broader audience range.

Event Management

The calendar product allows to create and edit events. An event can be a public holiday or a national holiday, e.g. – Easter, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, St. Patrick’s Day and more.

Add an Event

Go to – Admin >> Products >> Calendar >> Event Management

  • The dashboard will list all the events added in the system with their title, category, and date of the event.
  • To add any event, click on the Add button at the top-right corner. Enter the Title of the event, date, choose a category, and select any suitable icon for the event if required.
  • One can enable a "Recurring" functionality for the events falling on the same date every year.

Calendar Sections19.png

Add an Event category

For easy management of the holidays you can categorize them in several categories. For example, the categories can be public holidays, regional holidays, national holidays, school holidays, etc.

Calendar Sections20.png

To add any category, go to – Admin >> Products >> Calendar >> Event Management >> +Add category (top-right corner)

Fill in the category name and click on Save. You can also, change language and add category based on different languages (if your calendar product is multi-lingual).

Import Events

You can also import large number of events via a CSV file. Go to, Admin >> Products >> Calendar >> Event Management >> Import Events

With 3-step import feature you can upload all the events. The format remains the same – title, date and category. Enter 1 for recurring events and enter the icon id given in the ‘Icon Details’ tab.

Calendar Sections21.png